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Indeed WOW! im sure they will come far this tournament
5 years ago
Well deserved victory! but hey...barca playing home next week? hmmm not sure if...
6 years ago
I used to love Real Madrid, but Marcello and other pricks ruin it for me
Aah Valdez, i've seen you at the World Cup :)
7 years ago
Aah good job everton! i rly enjoyed this match. good for man-united, for being lazy
Classy goal of van Bronckhorst indeed!
You misunderstood me -lol je kent het gezegde: ''driemaal is scheepsrecht'' ;)
May the best win :)
Somewhere on FootyTube
Eat octopus for dinner?
Finaly...back in the finals :) 74, 78 and now in 2010. Third time lucky!
Ooh yeah! Copa America, that's like a ''European Cup'' but only for South-America right? Let KaKa recover from his injure and lets hope he plays very well this ...
Oh my! what a shot from van Bronckhorst! classy goal :)
Thank you! :) yeah you have a point, I'm excited for 2010, but I also found out about copa america 2011 and theres always Real Madrid :P hehe yeah I didn't wat...
Lolol i think so XD but holland has sneijder, he spits in schweinsteigers face and the match is going out off control :)
In 2014 you'll see KaKa shine because Brazil is hosting the cup :D but did you wachted the semi-final today? i think you hate the dutch team right now because t...
Wow...terrific shot of Gio!
Aww thank you! :) I really miss getting excited to see KaKa play *Tears* Since recovering.. I haven't watched a World Cup match since last Friday but I should ...
I feel sorry for you :( such a great team Brazil many good players! But the team that impressed me the most is Germany. They played sooo well in this ...
I felt heartbroken and I'm still recovering... but I was happy to see Brazil and KaKa play in my first world cup :) I'm neutral on all the other teams but I do ...
Good morning from Holanda! :) I see that you are a fan of Brasil OR you live in Brasil and I have question for you. How does it feel that Brasil is out of the W...
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