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Trinisk8er wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
I think every played has the right to there own opinion and to express how they feel. As we can see Capello's ways are not working so why not try something els...
8 years ago
I agree CeseArse4...but Chelsea is aiming for bigger prizes...plz ignore the MANURE fans
OMG reading this gave me goosebumps!!....and typing it!!AHH
If Chelsea goes on to win the title all I hope is that we donnot gain ignorant, misinformed bandwagonists like manu currently has.....Up Blues!
Ontop of that ManU did get very luck this season from own goals...A total of ten points were gained
Lets not forget from what kind of situation he came from
What does this have to do with ACMilan? its about tevez
TorontoGooner - history is always being written...and one day we will be able to look back and say we won boasting what its all about? does anyone ...
Yea i understand that, but let him understand that not everyone sees it as a disgrace.
Yeah ...shame i couldn't see you out...
Hulanji14 - maby its his true opinion? maby hes just trying to be honest? jest because he is the only one supporting chelsea dosent mean you have to shoot him d...
In your eyes its a disgrace but im proud of much more was he to take? afterall he is human...he has alot of passion for the game...he jest cant contro...
It was not luck that you beat us last year...the ref made bad calls overall ...for you too
I aint cryin and im a chelsea fan...good game inter
I donnot agree that chelsea played rubbish atall...we have made it to the semifinals for the past two years...we are not going to make it every year...good game...
Lol it says ur supporting barca, u have a arsenal pic, and u want manu to win, lol a win win win situation?
The ref is at it they get fired ...punished?...ok ,ok take them back to ref school or sumthing...stop ruining the game!!!
I donnot think chelsea played as much rubbish as they say we did...i think it was more of Everton playing really well...good game Everton
That is all part of playing good
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