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Well said! Its the refs fault even though he had a tough angle to call the handball. No matter Robinho still did a wonderful job at finishing.
7 years ago
Grande! Well done Boys!! Damn i wish we had Cassano for Champions League! Glad to see Boateng is back! What a wonderful Goal by PATO!! And Best of all well done...
WOW! Why the hell are the Arsenal Fans so happy???? Barca should of had 50 goals! So unlucky! My god if i was Arsenal i wouldnt even bother going to Camp Nou......
To Oddshot... What the f**k are you talking about?? English Team Yes... But more like European and African Team since 99% of the team is non English. Face it En...
I cant imagine the last time Lyon beat Milan.... thats what i cant imagine... haha
To Majesty and other Tottenham Hotspur fans i honestly cannot wait for March 9th to come! When we destroy your pathetic team at your pathetic stadium if you can...
To AndyJN: The reason for Milan's poor performance in the first half is due to the fact that half of the starting 11 squad hadn't played with one another before...
Abate in my opinion shouldn't of played at all because he was coming off from an injury and Massimo Oddo was in way better form than Abate and should of started...
MY Grandmother could of scored that goal..... Lennon had the hard part of making the run and then ultimately the pass. Crouch sucks. Gattuso had him covered the...
Hahaha So this is our opponent for Champions League?!? Damn i guess UEFA lets just about anyone and everyone into the competition. Ibra + Robinho are going to ...
That fat-bald-old guy is the sole reason why we have Ibra, Ronbinho, and Prince in our line up. Who else but Dr. Galliani could do such a professional job of de...
Without T.Silva the defense is just hopeless :( but still good win! Forza Milan
Shaqiri!! Albanian FOR LIFE!! damn Switzerland got their ass kicked
Wow i think the anderlecht boys forgot the ball is suppose to go inside the goal
Somewhere on FootyTube
Thats like asking Barca or Barcelona?
Pato!!!! This will be his year!! Forza Milan!!
Hahaha Lorik Cana!!! My Boy!! Way to beat the serbs at their own house!! f**k U Serbia
Hahaha YES YES YES !!! Woo HOO WEll DONE SOCCERooOS!! f**k SERBIA Cheating Fucks Deserve to lose!! JEBEM TI MAJKO
Kaka received a red card.... tis the end of the world as we know it!! the ref is an idiot i mean giving Kaka!! a red?! wtf thats like giving Ghandi a red card f...
Lets Kick Some RedCoat Ass Boys!!
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