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On the bright side, at least we get a clean sheet! We also successfully stole a point from our relegation rivals! And it's a two point drop... for Burnley!
3 years ago
4 years ago
@DontGetCut Are you seriously defending Thomas Cleverley? He is a very average and mediocre player. The word "limited" doesn't even come close to describing hi...
If you fond of comparing why don't you compare Everton now and Everton a season ago?
This really shows how mediocre Moyes is
He bites, he dives, he hates the Jackson 5, and he scores with style. Luis Suarez is the guy!
Welbeck was invisible throughout the match except for winning a penalty. Cleverley was s**t as what we would expect from him. I don't know why Moyes keep on pla...
United went rampant when Shinji played in his preferred central role. Coincidence?
No first team football makes Dzeko an unhappy man
So much speed from Dortmund
Before the match I thought Spurs couldn't do worse than us. I predicted a 3-0 for City. I really overestimated Spurs.
Alright Ronaldo may look like a cocky prick, but judging purely from a footballing perspective, you have to admit that he is the best football player at the mom...
Good game for Hart hopefully this game will bring his confidence up! :)
A good weekend for United (and Liverpool). Spurs lost at own home, Chelsea dropped points at Stamford Bridges and the noisy neighbor lost against bottom dwelle...
Some dangerous crosses from Sagna. Valencia and Smalling should really learn from him. And Bendtner, despite being Bendtner, should have really scored from tha...
That was an honest and jubilant celebration. I'd rather see that kind of celebration than a fake-no-celebration. Beside, you can't really blame him. Remember ...
Magnificent cheeky little pass from Shinji. Too bad Chicharito the poacher couldn't hit the target :(
"that ball is heavenly from iniesta" lol..
Anderlecht just got Zlataned
4 yellow cards in 20 minutes. That's like 1 yellow every 5 minutes. Crazy referee..
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