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Dear Messi A.K.A Lord please score more than 6 Goal in a match, then my life will be blessed.
1 hour ago
I want to see clean sheet.
1 month ago
Is it only me or anyone else also felt, Neymar was more jubilant while assisting to Messi than scoring by himself?
10 years ago when someone shows some nice move on their backyard, the people starts saying he will be future Pele as a clichés, but now if someone plays some n...
Seems like Messi preparing himself for Suarez coming by playing on a left flank and letting Suarez to play at the center when he is good to go for Barca.
Seriously guys, why do you hate Pique so much? just because he got shakira? ;)
2 months ago
Trampokool just became a Fan of Arsenal
4 months ago
Congrats guys for getting a service of Alexis, no wonder will be supporting Arsenal for this season, waiting to see ozil and Alexis playing together.
How wonderful it would be, if Barcelona wins La Liga, Atletico Wins Champions League and real with copa del rey. The excitement and thrill for next season begin...
6 months ago
7 months ago's because pinto was out of his post and dribbling the ball against forward of AM.
Barcelona has been playing this same level of football through out this whole season, the only reason they escape certain defeat in previous close encounters wa...
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9 months ago
In Nepal meaning of "TATA" is Bye Bye
Worst Barcelona Team (As per Mourinho and Kompany) beat the best ever Manchester epic is that
Did anyone notice king Leo ruining Brazilian samba dance after alves goal???? Why Leo why ????
I bet Messi knows what's going on, on defence half while he is dribbling balls on opponent half.....pure genius.
WTF is going on???? Barca need quality CD .
There should have been a dislike button for not liking it.
After so much of ruthless tackle by the oppositions Barcelona finally started Martial art defensive drill during training ;) (No offence)
This Man only and only deserve to get retired from the greatest club in the world.
Zlatan ibrahimovic was like a BOSS in Fifa Ballon D'OR ceremony, first with Jurgen Klopp now with Xavi.....This Man is Awesome
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