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Napoli struggled to keep pace. When you travel in the champions league, you usually play to the style of the country you're in. Napoli was able to outplay Chels...
4 years ago
5 years ago
Only pronounced "th" if hes from the catalan region. Which he may be...not sure
Well...obviously offside. but the fact that he had the skill to stare down the linesman in the middle of faking out the keeper justifies the goal for me ;)
A small furry animal could play better than ramsey atm
Somewhere on FootyTube
Agreed. at least united win things in a respectable manner
France has such great players but they should be able to beat Finland by more than 1-0. except evra. He sucks. perfect goal for diaby.
The only reason a team exists is to be the best. 2nd is better than 8th. and liverpool is a cup team. the only reason those tournaments exist is to give teams t...
6 years ago
I think its funny that liverpool fans posting don't agree with him. kind of proves his point
Any other day sczezny is good enough to make it 3-1. And that lucky deflection wouldnt have happened. But norwich would have scored 2 goals. so for me arsenal s...
Apparently he doesnt want to support a team that loses a lot. And he supports 3 teams so he can usually celebrate a championship of some sort
Uhh cisse?
As a neutral the game was boring til the last 15 min. All and all a good watch still. Aside from nasri and balotelli everyone on the team deserves a title.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Really really good article. Last line says it all.
Cool. post this on the highlights for chelsea's game not bayern's
If there is any team that deserves this win it is Chelsea, after all the negative comments about them not making 4th place and the AVB issues. In my personal op...
I agree with everything however I don't put it past Suarez to find another way to get himself banned for 8 games.
Tevez has brought that bite back into the city side. They look deadly now. cant wait to see them play united
Roberto Di Matteo should be the new chelsea boss. I'm not up on the specifics but it seems like hes getting the results. after all winning is the objective.
That foul? maybe a penalty definitely not a red
Its only bad because you root for spurs when they play
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