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Just like the last time you guys beat barcelona 1-0 in the domestic cup,right??
6 years ago
Why do fans on this forum hate piers morgan so much??? ,isnt he allowed to have an opinion...why do some people act like oppressors and always have a go at him....
Http:// lmao...just watch yourself
Http:// lmao...just watch yourself
All i said was"shut are embarrassing yourself" to someone that was trying to make a case on theos goals being offside.i bet if the score line was the o...
You too shut up,and i say that because i dint swear or use any vulgar language and what the person said was just stupid and i was basically telling him to stop ...
You want to know why i think it was really adebayor that really twitted all that...SPELLING MISTAKES...he cant even speak proper english yet alone spell... are an idiot that says idiotic things,its my opinion and dont questions my knowledge on football,you none spanish f**k that supports real
RD201290...i dont want to argue but if you actually watch hazard you will find out he actually doesn't fit in this team...just one thing he dribbles too much,ai...
I really dont know why you guys are always talking hazard this gotze that...we have the ox,ryo,theo,and why do we care what club these unproven player...
Can you guys predict what the line up would look like on wednesday,based on you is actually fit...
Please realfan220 shut the hell up..because it is RVP that is in the goal post,defends and assists himself...oh and he is also the manager and assistant,you dum...
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