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The teams that used 532/352 formation in the World Cup had no problem beating Spain,Italy,Brazil,Chile,Uruguay,and Croatia.
3 hours ago
@Yaldho MUTV saying we playing with 3 CBs.
10 hours ago
Robson saying we playing with a Back 3 so Valencia and Shaw are wing backs.
You do know that Evra could have gone for free but he decided to help us make a little money. Who knows maybe the money we earned from Evra is being used for ...
I think everyone already knew that we have lots of money lol.
@Kreddevil I don't know how much Hummels release clause is but I do know that Hummels has 3 years left on his contract,same with Reus. So maybe next year or t...
2 days ago
@Kayteo Not sure. Chicharito was recently on vacation in Las Vegas watching Canelo boxing and is currently in Mexico both places are near where our pre season t...
3 days ago
Manchester United's Official Site.
4 days ago
Chicharito will be joining the squad for pre season.
I wonder who will be the first player to take a selfie in the sleep pods lol.
@Theatreofdream Well most English players don't leave abroad they usually go to the best clubs in England. Manchester United according to Luke Shaw is the bigg...
5 days ago
@SuperSpurs You do understand that I purposely picked those stats to further prove the point that stats are misleading right? or you can ignore that reasoning a...
It's been make or break for a lot of our players the past couple of seasons and they are still all here lol.
I was actually interested in the way you think about determining a players value and how you don't think it's possible to compare players from different teams b...
@Magneto1000 I don't see the problem with comparing players even if they are in different teams. Both players will eventually be in the same situation like say ...
I agree with you, stats are misleading. Thats why I posted those stats and especially the attack and defense score. So next time please don't use stats as the ...
6 days ago
@FootballDoc Here are the stats that you love. :) Ben Davies has lost more tackles per game then won while Shaw has won more tackle...
Luke Shaw has the best Attack and Defense score compared to the rest of those Left Backs. Shaw is the best tackler, the best in the air, and the only one who h...
Well I see this as a similar transfer to Reyes. You guys aren't really paying 8million for the finished product but for the potential he has. Like you said Rau...
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