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Regardless of the result in the Cup match, I'm pretty sure every Liverpool fan will have a smile on their face for the whole week. Such an amazing game, so inte...
8 years ago
Pretty hard to score when Liverpool doesn't have many top-class finishers that use the smallest of openings. It's fine getting the ball up the pitch, but unless...
It wasn't, otherwise the ball would have turned into Reina's right-side, since Johnson was kicking to the right.. (This is facing out from the goal, not towards...
This game was so frustrating to watch and it was unbelievable how all over the shop Liverpool was. But neutrally, Bent and Jones are an amazing pair of attackin...
Why did they censor his face? Look 3 comments down and I'm pretty sure you might understand why. Some people would probably want to lynch him for that. Ah well,...
Http:// Little did United fans realise, Ronaldo did have a plan to return to Manchester.
Http:// Abidal was Kung-fu fighting, di di di di da da da do do dooo. Yaya was fast as lightning...
Lucas: "Huntelaar. So hot. Want. To. Touch. The hiney."
By using your template in this thread Sufferjoy: "Ribéry will join Manchester ...
You're partially a poet and you didn't even know it too.
Baby Ronaldo And this is just priceless:
Http:// Ronaldo took the role as the villain, Von Rothbart, a little too seriously in São Paulo's rendition of Swan...
Http:// When Ferguson told his team to get off the grass, he didn't mean the field.
A pretty good app for European football is Eurosport (FREE). It's a simple (yet very easy on the eyes) program that gives you news updates, Live reports (with m...
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