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5 years ago
Agreed, German teams generally don't choke...that's why they have such a good record. If you're looking for chokers, no need to look further than England!
Nice one QPR and Wigan.
6 years ago
He's a beast! What a difference he makes.
What a game by times he makes defences look amateur!
Does ronaldo ever celebrate with the team when he's not involved in the goal?? it's hard to like the guy...messi all the way!!
Pepe is anything but an awesome player...he is SCUM
Average goal...valdes (and any other decent keeper) would've saved it.
Looked like Cech could've saved that header but pulled out at the last moment!?? English teams really struggling this year...Gooners all the way!
Madrid to win it this year...looking awesome!
Another unconvincing win...i don't hold much hope for next year. A handful of teams would beat us based on this display.
'arrogant' - i'd say barcelona fans top that list, but the difference is at least they have a reason to.
2 blatant the ref or linesman can't see that i don't know!
Toure has carried City for a lot of this season...class act!
Come on ManU! Don't let those blues in at the last hurdle..
Agreed Berba is a class apart, just his casual manner that sometimes gets him bad press.
7 years ago
What about Torres?? he's done a cracking job for you so
Most likely madrid fans?? certainly wasn't how it should be played and a solid away victory.
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