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5 years ago
Torres looked fantastic today. But don't hype him up too much. He's still not the beast he used to be, so let's keep waiting.
6 years ago
That dive spoiled my day. Not happy at all, even with the win.
The team is so much better on the offensive end with Valencia around.
But Koscielny is nothing like a world class defender. He's absolutely garbage on most days. Sometimes I wonder if I watch more Arsenal games than their fans do.
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Arsenal played a beautiful game; maybe not in the sense of always being clinical in their passes and transitions between offense and defense, but the mentality ...
"In football you have to play with what you have." People just don't understand this enough.
Chelsea is reputable in scoring late winners as well, probably even better than United at that. Ryan Giggs sure is something special... the composure demonstr...
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Old Pepe resurfacing, perhaps? Although that would be ugly.
Can't blame the Chelsea fans right? I mean, who doesn't support their own striker? As much as he is in bad form, If Torres was playing for United I'd put a good...
Mancini is a douche. How can he even compare his actions to Rooney's on the pitch? Players complain all the time when they see a foul, it's like common sense. B...
The last goal was lost all because of Koscielny. He's always been the worst defender on the pitch for Arsenal, I don't know why they play him.
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The match had impeccable manners? Let me rewrite that. This man has impeccable class.
I completely agree. Last season, I told myself Song was only a mediocre player that wasn't living up to the standards of Arsenal, but I changed my mind after wa...
That run, that skip, that putting the ball into the back of the net. Rejoice, Henry is back! Even as a United fan, I can't be more pleased to see Henry making...
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Two 5-0 wins in a row, then 2 poor performances leading to two losses in a row. I'm not so sure about this being a relief, there's too much unpredictability thi...
Wayne Rooney overrated? Okay. But he just keeps proving you wrong.
The red was understandable, but I can't say it was the best decision. I also think it's a yellow at best, but I'm sure everyone finds the refs being more strict...
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That destructive run is surely unstoppable.
Some people just don't understand that it's actually disrespectful when you're going to ease off during the game and treat it like a warm up. Anyone who doesn...
Gringo67 needs to get a reality check, because he's spouting some real s**t when he doesn't understand football. Please stop making the other Real Madrid fans l...
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