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TSV Regen - FC Bayern München Highlights
Donnie Darko, Memento, The Others, The Butterfly Effect, Requiem for a Dream, Shutter Island Not sure if they're obvious, but they're definitely good. I expect you to learn German everyday from now on. Don't disappoint me son. :|
5 years ago
Why are you going all Darth Vader on us? My heart stopped.
That is without question, but it shouldn't be an excuse. There were a lot of simple mistakes that aren't acceptable for players of their level. Ter Stegen is th...
You're right. My second point still stands though.
Doesn't really matter though, they are Germany's future players. They're all good Bundesliga players. They should be up to the task.
Ooh, it's getting interesting. :D
LOL ter Stegen. XD
Not sure if you can watch it outside of Germany, but Das Erste is streaming the Feier live at about 14:45 gmt+1. If you ...
But it just goes to show that the whole location thing is overrated. Who says you can't support a team half the world away? If you feel like supporting a team, ...
I love everything about this!
This game is hilarious. Everything is so unorthodox.
I agree with Lifeguard.
------------Weidenfeller Lahm---Hummels---Subotic---Chiellini -------Schweinsteiger---Vidal ------Müller---Götze---Ronaldo ------------Lewandowski Not sure a...
It's called the Cunterang effect. Named after Sir Arthur McCuntingson, who fell to his untimely death when he tried to push his wife off a cliff. Sir Isaac Newt...
Kuffour going mental! :) :D XD
Tommykaira updated their profile
All Bayern Bundesliga goals this season! :)
Ronaldinho being hilarious. :D
Tommykaira nominated F. Ribéry (53') for Goal of the Week
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