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1 clever vote from me.... I need some funny votes thanks
7 years ago
Can you condone Tiote's actions though Youngy? He should have been off before the Kaboul incident but some credit at least goes to him for not rolling around o...
What did I get wrong? Nothing, so why should I apologise to you? It's nothing to do with egos which you seem determined to continue with as a theory. It takes ...
Http:// This should be an...
You stated 'nuff said I'm ending this', yet still you are here - think we both know who's leading who. I'm likening you to someone who suffers from mental prob...
Some good VDV quotes here, reckon we're expanding our fanbase further also which is always a good thing...
Last year, third tightest defence in the Premiership after Chelsea and Man U - this year, injuries have taken their toll but soon it'll be all good!
I don't need to provoke you, I've already got you on the line... You're obviously quite mentally unstable from the angry responses you've given over nothing on...
That all you've got? Thought so... Keep laughing, cos the joke's on you. :D
Haha, thanks - I'm sure it will. Who are you to talk egos when yours is evidently so fragile that you cannot debate on a football forum without taking offence ...
Cheers for the add bud, here's a couple of cools your way. COYS!
Villa having the extra man on the field helped them clamp down on a couple of our key players also, ultimately Bale still made the second goal from the right in...
He still will, he joins the Howard Webb Hall Of Infamy...
A late Christmas present.
Vishal, grow the f**k up. I bet you're one of the fools who voted Spurs' performance as 'rubbish', loser.
Can't agree... - Kaboul's goal was wrongly disallowed (should've been 3-1). - Defoe sending off was harsh and meant Spurs had 10 men from the 28th minute. - ...
What you said was not clear - I was in no way 'twisting' what you said, lose the persecution complex please.
*yawn* drama queen.
Merry Christmas to you to Sach and a Happy New Year in advance! Spurs were good today, great game.
I didn't know what you meant - I interpreted it the way I read it because you wrote it that way. No need to spit the dummy and take everything so personally.
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