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Classic Spuds.
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He's still bitter about the '88/89 season
Wow, those Lampard shots were majestic- kinda wish the second went in, first one great save.
5 years ago
Damn, Deuce brought the goods, fair enough... now all eyes on Gunners v. FA cup champions. Dear god next sunday is going to be insane
Great match; Brazil used a few players not in season but still, England went for it which is always nice to see.
Please, sir, I want some more.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Anyone would have to admit Jack has been impressive upon his return, probably the best hope for the future of the club- he has a great attitude and will likely ...
Both sides played well, but Anderlecht got screwed pretty badly- massive financial ramifications.
Baines is so great to watch, and Everton are pretty tough this year to say the least.
I know Sahin was linked to the Emirates, but I like him at Liverpool. Rodgers is a class manager
Not sure if that was a penalty for Sinclair, pretty tight, but City's defending wasn't up to their normal level. Kolo had a crummy match
...league cup match....
Honestly I don't think Giroud is playing all that badly, hasn't had many great chances besides the one versus Sunderland. Gervinho has been good other than toda...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Mancini can be hilarious after games but he is under a ton of pressure; with that said, sometimes I wonder how strong his grasp on the english language truly is...
Obviously it wasn't a good call made by the referee and is a horrible way to lose; however with potentially up to 14 minutes left adding injury-time at that poi...
All the fans on the field look amazing.
6 years ago
Toure is unbelievably good, so strong in possession. Next year without the African Cup, Yaya is a strong contender for Player of the Year as players from Africa...
Truly happy for Fernando Torres, given his last two seasons. Chelsea have some real legends in their squad and for me it's always nice to see older players find...
Wigan wanted it more, plain and simple. Arsenal only have themselves to blame with several below-par performances. Can't blame Wigan for wasting time, although ...
If you had told me before the season a guy named Gylfi would star for Swans, I would've called you mental.
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