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It was a
1 day ago
I've never wanted our team to beat another team so badly as I want to us to beat Chelsea at Anfield this season. Our new found ''success'' seems to have some...
2 days ago
LMFAO. SilvaMestro16, I wanna ''like'' dat over 1 million times
MUFC is right!
Thanks for this link, I already asked below, nobody responded
Has anyone got a link to the full match?.. I missed it
Who cares what those plastic fans do anyway...
5 days ago
I think Deffyduck said it perfectly... let me just add, I think the reason why most liverpool fans don't wan to admit we're in the title race is because they ...
'Parking the bus' can be done by just about any team. It's funny how people give Man Utd so much credit, Moyes has been suddenly transformed from the absolutely...
6 days ago
LOL @ ManloveUtd
How does this logic work?.lol
Glen Johnson
Why are Chelsea fans mad tho??.. I understand Man Utd fans, but why Chelsea fans stay drinking that haterade???.. lmao..
Now I know why we never get enough funds to complete transfers. FSG use the money to pay the refs for penalties instead :).. Who needs good players when you hav...
The butthurt is strong in Man Utd and Chelsea forum...LOL It's exciting to get all this hate
Penalpool... LOL cry me a fxcking river. couldn't care less
Now it's time for other teams to complain about us getting
Who are we rooting for?. Arsenal, Everton, or a draw???
Lol. well datz what happened when I played against west ham today on my ps3 :p
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