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Was that where the boot-lifting was about?
6 years ago
Only because Donovan waited to long
Somewhere on FootyTube
Haha, Kompany to real. Yeah, city REALLY needs the money ..
Dutchies for the win! Schaars has also been remarkabkly productive. Great buys from sporting.
Am I the only one who noticed the quadrouple-fail that made that Beckham goal possible? .. :^)
Haha listen to the commentator at 3:28 'And he *girl voice pitch* dííd!'
7 years ago
'The Ronaldo Rocket' .. Wow
Howerd Webb looks at the notes: 'This is madness!' Avram grant: 'Madness? This is SPARTAAA!' *throws the notes all over the place*
Bale didn't do 'nothing'. He had some good plays and a disallowed goal. He was one of the few that were a threat to Madrid.
(btw, I have no idea if my comments are in proper english but I think you get the point)
Ronaldo's place in the top 5 goals of the week is just a confirmation of Real fan's lack of love for the game .. I don't want to lump together all Madrid fans...
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the defending on the second goal from Munich. And can we speak about a 'Andries Jonker effect' already? Yes everyone, I am...
The game did not meet my expectations unfortunately.. Only goals being scored from penaltys is never fun to watch.
Rocky grow up it was a dive. Typical Madrid fan reaction .. The Penalty for Real was a joke.
Hey not sure on the channel question, but you can become a fan of as many teams as you like, although i dont see the sense in that, as some users he...
I didnt doubt Chicharito .. I even bet on him to score the first. :)
What a performance from Rooney! He's really turning in an all round mature player. Now he's not only the deadly striker, but he has great vision and controls an...
Hey tony quick question, how can I become fan of a Channel and more than 2 teams?
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