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He's been playing with painkillers for half a year. His surgery should be just after last CL match... so it will be The Final.
4 years ago
Interesting, the volcanic eruption in 2010 indirectly caused Lewandowski is in BVB now :). Robert was invited by Blackburn for tests however dust in the air gro...
Last joke. Messi calls Cristiano Ronaldo, LM: "Hi, so we meet during the final?" CR:" Yeah... at your or my home?"
SANTANA?! Do musicians play in Dortmund? Nice fiesta is going to be in Dortmund this night :)
Mission Impossible! I've never seen sth like that...
They must love football in arabic countries ... Commentator is the best :)
Reus! So selfish, so weak.
4 minutes 3 goals. From hell do heaven. Sahin&LewanGoalSKY :)
?Is rewriting something from official press a trolling?
In Polish newspaper (after Sport Bild) it's written Michael Zorc in 10th of February proposed 3 mln for Lewandowski till 2016. Probably Beyern proposed about 7 ...
M&M earn ~5 mln euro, new Lewandowski's contract was about 3.5 mln euro. It's from Polish newspapers from end of 2012.(not only "Bild like").
Why Lewa has to earn 20-25% less then Reus or Goetze? The second one is awesome, but Reus... please. See what he was doing with Shachtar. Lewa should get much m...
I prefer her :) http://www.wprzerwie.pl/Galeria,Sport,534981,3,Anna-stachurska---tak-bije-narzeczona-roberta-lewandowskiego.html#aGalery
Small offtopic... Lewandowski's girl friend has got silver medal in Karate World Cup;) http://ofsajd.onet.pl/fotogalerie/narzeczonej-lewandowskiego-lepiej-nie-w...
Well, should be http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xt0mib_slask-hannover-3-5_sport
Last match with Slask Wrocław highlights: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xt0mib_slask-hannover-3-5_sport?start=355 I don't know how to add the vide to FT.
Good pictures: http://totallycoolpix.com/2012/06/euro-2012-czech-republic-vs-poland/ Horrible Polish play, they didn't deserve go further. Sad but true. Polonia...
5 years ago
Well, there should be meetings like that before every match with Germans. Strange it's with occasion Euro in Poland&Ukraine...
Lewandowski = tsubasa ozora ;)
Podolski is also Polish (just like Miroslav Klose), but they left Poland when they were kids and now play for Germany.
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