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You know what is more ridiculous, your naivety and unsubstantiated claims towards me. Do you see a single conclusion in those sentences? No you don't. It reads...
Is no one going to say that s**t was bullshit! It seemed like a match fixing stunt. How ridiculous that they held the offside call even though it was so obviou...
This is hilarious, whether it is true or not.
5 years ago
Congrats to Milan! They deserved every goal.
I see what you are saying but do you remember how he hit himself with an attempted shot in the box? On the replay that ball was going very fast and it hit him w...
Great game from QPR! Redknapp is fantastic. He knows how to spot quality in players and place them respectively. I knew he would do well in QPR but I also think...
Well deserved? It was clearly an offside. I would hardly call that deserved.
Ahh Crespo, one of my favorite players ever! Best of luck to you!
So many people are talking nonsense about how this is Chelsea's A/B team, but you just laid it out for them. Besides the fact that not a single younger player o...
Does anyone else notice how 'low' Mancini looks? He seems not his usual self. I think something is happening in his personal life and it could be spilling over ...
Argentina=#1, I really enjoy Uruguay but Argentina was just a blaze at the game.
Great show from City, very exciting game
Furgeson has become a little to senile for his position. He should retire already. Not playing Berbatov was one of the worst moves he's ever done. United need s...
DAMN! It's been a 3-2 the last few times these teams have met! We're always so close.
It was a hell of a game! Seeing Drogba being the classic striker we all know and love him for. Not to mention, Ramires supplying that beautiful chest, run, and ...
6 years ago
Fantastic game! They are really doing it up! Tevez, Aguero, Silva, Yaya, Johnson, Zabaletta, Barry, Kompany, and the list goes on. They really do deserve top sp...
So sense the whole sheninanigan with Tevez, I doubted the whole situation. As far as I was concerned, he as the best player on that team (this was before they g...
Does anyone know the name of that song used in the video?
Somewhere on FootyTube
I think Drogba has had his fun at Chelsea and now its time to move on. Plus I always enjoyed his type of play, I would also really love to see him in another le...
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