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What would people think of the king as manager? Know it isn't gonna happen anytime soon, but he deffs would have the respect of every player! Personally would ...
2 months ago
Reckon I'm the only guy that would like to see moyes become our manager, providing he was given longer than a year!
3 months ago
Am I the only person who would love for us to sign moyes on at least a 3 year deal. But we actually have to stick to the 3 year deal lol
I didn't catch the warm up but did see the line up in the tunnel, very poor attitude from everyone, seems like they are already on holidays. Sherwood definite...
S**t lineup, tactics all wrong! what's with eriksen on the left and chadli in the middle?! Sandro on the bench is a joke. Really feel for lloris, played really ...
4 months ago
^ive been saying that a lot this year and yet I still continue to watch!
Anyone else thought siggs work rate was outstanding when he came on? I love to see a fringe player come off the bench and work his socks off. Shame he still pro...
Spot on north we are all about possession since avb came in and has carried out with Sherwood. Fast counter attack is where there's most space is playing posses...
We have to get a manager with a strong presence who won't take the s**t attitude of the players. Where guus hiddink at?
So on the spurs website Tim has said dembele ade and walker are all doubts, can it get worse?
You're right ss it seems to me they have given up on top 4 and now el, they don't have anything to play for and are already in holiday mode.
We deffs need holtbys passion back. But bentaleb hasn't played badly and he has shown more than most of the other players
Lost interest just like the players. Really pissed off with vertonghen more than anyone though last couple of games he's shown how bad his attitude is, and the ...
Hate to say it but I think our chances are slim.
Sherwood does have faith in the team he just wants them to stand up for the cause which they haven't done. Guessing you just watched the highlights coz to say S...
4-0 definitely doesn't explain the whole game, I thought we were the better team in the 1st half and looking to stop Chelsea by breaking up their attacks with ...
I think we will have to go after them if we wanna get anything out of it and from what I've seen of Sherwood he likes the attacking line ups. I like the sound o...
Last couple of games especially against Chelsea I have been thinking the same thing, we have needed strength and height up there to hold the ball up. But sayi...
9 months ago
No way! Dawson has been a superstar!
10 months ago
Haha! Well, the genuine reason is that I've changed cities, and my internet connection here doesn't seem to support online gaming. Tried two different ISPs no...
11 months ago
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