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I didn't see any intention at all (the game was well over by then anyway). I don't see how he could have got his leg out of the way with the direction Paulinho...
4 years ago
Now that the result has settled in (I actually thought Spurs were going to grind out a result) I can only say that something drastic has to happen. What a comp...
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ThorPower just Watched
Not even sure you know what logic is ^^ The entire point of the referee playing advantage is to wait until there is definitely no opportunity. Hence, allowing ...
Clearly not touched? You're hallucinating
Definitely looked like it could have been given. The only reason he's was that high was because he was using Walker for leverage.
5 years ago
Hilarious Spurs fans at 1:15
What? Two penalties? They were questionable calls even if you're the most biased Liverpool fan. Does his daughter want two unicorns for Christmas? Or is it two...
Skinny does not mean that he has the strength of a 14 year old. Pretty sure you couldn't get the ball off of him.
If you call actually thinking about what you watch hate, then yes I'm on my way to the haters ball.
I find it funny a lot of Gooners are telling us to play him. He is for sale, how about you guys buy and play him
Ha ha it would be a Chelsea fan telling me to appreciate luck. No, of course I remember that game and I was disappointed, but that goal in the Gold Cup was a l...
Do you really think Gio meant to score? I pretty much have to assume your joking. The Gold Cup final goal was lucky, but at least he meant to score. This was...
The only good thing about watching this as a US fan is the sound effects when Brazil score. Quick cue the laser beam sound then have a guy say Brazil like he i...
Only the delusional would say such things about Chelsea's run through the Champions league, congratulations anyway. PS modesty is a two way street
It was a bad challenge, but it seemed like Nzogbia's push made it look much worse. Seemed unlucky for both players
The first penalty was completely rubbish
Why don't you write that on the Goon page and stop acting like a 9 year old.
6 years ago
Stock Footage, Pavlyuchenko is no longer on the team
Very good point Robyn, football players dive, not just Suarez or Bale or Christiano or Robben or whoever else. The difference is that players like these are mo...
Huh, did I miss something, how was I at all insulting? Did I say he was a horrible player? Please learn how to read critically. I watched that game with City...
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