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Sorry about the two commits being about the same thing. When i refreshed the page it didn't show i hhad posted anything yet.
Mexico's coach talks a little bit about CHicharito, Gio, Vela, and mexico's youth system.
In accordance to fifa, Mexico is ranked 14 in the world
Sunday 6:30 AM PST against Gabon
I say that because he seems like he wants to leave. Theirs no doubt he still is really good. If ferguson gives him more playing time his opinion could change.
Looks like Berbatov is staying reluctantly's-dimitar-berbatov,-paul-pogba-criticised...
Damn i just found out that the stars were Photoshoped on. Still they should defiantly do this.
This is where i read it from
Dos Santos might go on loan to Swansea
I found this on reddit. i didn't like there jerseys but this is pretty cool.
Klinsmann named the roster for the next five matches
If their is one thing you can't trust Ferguson on is when he says he will retire.
6 years ago
They'll do fine. Correct me if i am wrong but they weren't using their full team in Olympic qualifying. The U.S has a strong team, in my opinion they just need ...
I thought this was hilarious
The day that football(soccer) becomes the most prolific sport in America will be one of the best days ever.
I agree. he is a terrific player but their are some areas of needed improvement. I can tell has gotten better since the last season and he seems to be a more co...
Any rumors on where he might go?
I looked at the foul from a different angle and your absolutely right.
1) the ref wasn't even looking at terry and still gave him a red card and terry hardly touched him. 2)Chelsea would have won even if Torres didn't score right. ...
Try justintv . The quality isn't the best but at least you can watch it.
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