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The age is catchin up to Fererria sigh as well as the rest of the 30 year olds in the squad lol. Oh well these things happen it was still a good game from a spe...
7 years ago
Nah its jus mario
I have been preaching for so long and Roman continues to by more olddies and then when he buys youth he buys Ramires
I know ferggie is just chomping at the bit to have him back.
Sometimes you have to apply philosophy to it or else you would go crazy. lol
Lol we have good youthbut carllo is italian who just came from managing one of the oldest sides in world football.I fear he may do that to chelsea
We cant keep depending on them all the times when they retire what will we say: "lets beg them out of retirement so we can win"?
My goodness man thanks alot but you are right lol
I dont know what the fuss is though every team has to go through a ruff time for its ruff times that make u stronger its a part of the game
Carlos needs to realise that rameres is a dead he sucks major man we have young guys hungry to play but when u give them ten mins play time what do u think will...
My gospel they took blackburn to the wood shed
Where are the madrid fans they should be all over this page
LOL i say this all the time and La Liga fans in Barbados shew me out. But its a fact do you really feel that the "lesser" teams in EPL would go and lie down at ...
Great win pool its nice to hear the coop singing man they sound like a choir LOL. This sux major for west ham though and there is no tevez for them to save them...
Lol you guys kill me man shooting at capello if garred got injured playing for his nation then there is since of national pride that comes with it so liverpool ...
How was it needed as you put it?
It seems Newcastle is in the hearts of the epl fans it pained me to to watch it and not see NC much less play FIFA 10
Is it because i am a Londoner that i love London soooooooooooooo! London scored 15 and conceded 4
Finally theo a chance 2 shine
Woooooooooooooooooo the boys in Blue well black as u see in the vid but 6-0 none the less sweet man loving it
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