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Courtois Azpi Christensen Cahill Moses Kante Baka Alonso Willian Morata Hazard Rudiger/Cahill can't play middle CB, but I guess might be an option due to aeri...
1 hour ago
Musonda looked like he belonged. His play is very similar to Willian and Hazard, and his touches were sure and composed all game long.
11 hours ago
Kenedyyyy, great move. Nice assist from Rudiger.
1 day ago
All Belgian attack
Team is 100% accurate lol.
Hazard is starting this game according to Conte, I think lineup will be; Cabellero Rudiger Christensen Cahill Zappa Cesc Baka Kenedy Musonda Michy Hazard
Chelsea's first 7 games definitely among the toughest in the league. Only Everton have a tougher schedule in the top 7.
3 days ago
You could already see him getting better in the Leicester game, he just made more than a couple careless passes which overshadowed a lot of good work he did.
Bellerin beat Alonso 3 times alone in the first half lol, it's a miracle they somehow didn't score from that side. Cahill didn't make massive mistakes in this ...
4 days ago
Because Pedro and Willian aren't creative players. Pedro is a goal scoring winger, better when the opposition are paying attention to other players and he can s...
Same old problems, didnt learn anything new from this game. Cesc-Kante won't work vs any decent team. Alonso and Cahill are still weak links. Pedro and Willian...
2nd minute of the game, Willian with the ball running at their defence, Morata and Pedro to either side, and he waits 5 seconds too long and gives the ball away...
Pedro and Willian off, both of them together only works against 2nd division teams.
Alonso can't defend at all lol. Very bad performances from Kante, Cahill and Willian also.
We shall see. 4 tough games in 14 days, and a league cup game where 2 of Kante/Baka/Cesc also need to play due to lack of other options.
6 days ago
Drinkwater won't play this month, calf injury. Luiz might have to play in midfield soon due to rotation. That way one of the mids can rest, while Christensen p...
Courtois Azpi Luiz Rudiger Moses Cesc Kante Baka Alonso Willian Morata Pretty confident 10 of those players will start. Only question is Cesc or Pedro, and I'd...
For sure he or Moses will have to play there sometimes.
1 week ago
The team has been so sloppy in possession the last 2 games, everyone taking turns to screw up a 2 yard pass lol. Also, not having a backup for Alonso is such a...
Meh should've been 10-0 minimum.
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