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Ya i agree.. it would have been much better had bale passed the ball earlier. The cross was a bit too hard or dafoe was too slow to keep up with bale. That was ...
6 years ago
@ Hsobh u say Real Msdrid's football isnt as enjoyable? u kiddin me? everytime i watch them i get excited, the games are usuall up and down... football isnt abo...
Oh belive me, if video replay is allowed to overturn calls barca wouldnt benefit from it based on many unfair instances that went their way... im sure they're h...
I agree.. The OX has promising talents, he really did impress me too. Saw somethings from him i thought i would never see. I love walcot, but he might wanna lea...
Brings back memories... very emotional. Suddenly i feel like its the year 2004
True fans of football right here! glad people like you guys exist. Henry, my favourite player by far.. never ceases to amaze
@ sahilgadhok.. i agree with what you said, makes perfect sense. I dont understand why people are saying ronaldo's goal was useless, there is no such thing in f...
Fabregas will most likely surpass xavi if he keeps it up... i really have high hopes for him. fab does or can play in xavi's position
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"with mario, its possible" lmaoo. I love mario to death, he is a unique addition to the world of football. love his game too.
I couldnt agree more with you mate. The game was an absolute stunner, enjoyed every minute of it. As much as i am pissed because of the loss, im happy because t...
I guess third position has become an accomplishment, a huge one in fact loll. ohh yaa arsenal all the wayy.. i expect a lot from themm.. i hope for some better ...
Lmaoooooo! hilarious. thats y i always come to this site.
Well someone has to replace fab! im too excited i cant wait for the window to open on january.. we better make good signings.
Ronaldo really sucks at taking freek kicks right now its unbelieveable. i remember back in manu, he scored almost all free kicks.. i wont forget the free kick a...
Getting too cocky arnt we? i dont think i'd say that if i were u, considering the fact that real madrid is technically first(given that they win their 1 game be...
Oh my friend ur mistaken!! ur not giving valencia enough credits... valencia are a very good team, if they were in epl right now they would be third or maybe ev...
I wish it was that simple, but im not sure if either vermaelen or koscielny can play left back. It will be a vulnerability until sagna gets back.
Dude Drogba is suspended.. he received a red card last game. Even if drogba wasnt suspended, i do believe that AVB would have started torres regardless.
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