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2cool votes for you mate!!
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Have you people forgotten what he's done for United!? Give him a break.
7 years ago
Okay, i didn't come here to cause trouble, i want to know what you honestly think of Balotelli, i think him claiming to be the 2nd best player in the world is t...
Man City are not top of the league material, you can spend all the money in the world, it means nothing if your not a TEAM. These are individuals who were tempt...
It was 1-0 before the goal, why all this controversy as if it was the winner? Excuses. A deserved United win. And for the record, if your going to blame anyone...
Nice to see a different spanish table, not sure how long it will stay that way though, anyone else think it may not finish with madrid and barce at the top? I t...
I was referring to Yobelt, the liverpool supporter. Not you. YOU idiot.
And you believe this? Don't you have your own club to worry about?
Right team but i probably wouldn't have Park. It simply has to be Giggsy, if we need to boost the tempo then get park on but giggs is a much safer option in my ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Chelsea haven't been challenged yet, no one can argue with that. I'll be very interested to see what happens against the bigger clubs later on in the season, le...
Lack of concentration. We should know better and hopefully we have learnt out lesson now! Also, Rio being back will help a lot.
A 1 horse race this season? Brilliant stuff from barce, madrid can spend all they like, they can't compete with the likes of messi and iniesta.
Somewhere on FootyTube
He's right though, Arsenal will not win the champions league.
I think we'll all be happy with our group but Valencia will not be an easy task, Scottish champs Rangers could also cause some problems. But to be honest, yes i...
Woah, didn't want to cause any hastle, i dont hate any united fans no matter where they come from, just don't want to see people that discouraged before we've e...
Very disappointed by how people a lot of fans are talking on here. I really hope this site isn't just full of united glory hunters and there are people who actu...
Can't believe all the predictions for the league seem to be in chelseas favour. For the first time in a long time i'm convinced we will get our trophy back this...
7.45 mate, bet it'll be riveting...L.O.L
Do united keep profiles of all rumoured players coming to the club or have we stolen the signature of ozil from under barce's noses?
Not long till start of the season now!! Oh how i cannot wait to be at old trafford singing my drunken heart out on monday.
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