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"He must go back to Chelsea FC," Eberl said. "Those are the two players that we have to replace in the summer. "There are no others. And we don't want any...
1 hour ago
What about Millwall?
21 hours ago
‘I am happy in London and I hope to finish my contract at Arsenal,’ Sanchez said at a press event in Santiago. ‘I want to stay in a winning team and keep...
22 hours ago
Hazard is staying
It's international Break and as per usual, the media will speculate on player transfers. Lets not get carried away. There are more chances of us keeping our pla...
2 days ago
Let's all just hope Hazard stays. We aren't getting Neymar. I'm 200% sure of that
Lol I can bet that he wont be going to France. It was just a statement. nothing else
^^exactly Jujex. our board and owner have to show that patience
3 days ago
Lol let's calm down lads. Verrati isn't going anywhere this summer and even if he were, he's said a million times that he'd prefer Juventus. So he's out. We hav...
Arsenal players will always win polls. I believe it's one of the things they use to lure prospects haha
5 days ago
We've always been strong at the Bridge since the beginning of the Roman Empire. Now this gives room for concern as we'll be moving away from the bridge temporar...
6 days ago
Are you serious Raj? Kante is not a DM. Damn
1 week ago
They don't have to - True. but if you only destroy and don't distribute, the ball ends up back with the opponent more often than not. So it's very important to ...
^^ True SIF--But that's due to our system. If you observe keenly, you'll realize that Kante doesn't even "hold" at all...a role very vital to a DM. (someone who...
Matic DM yes. Mikel Obi was a the last proper DM we had. Kante doesn't do half what a DM does. What he does which makes folks see him as a DM would be the tac...
Both Kante and Matic are CMs.. haha don't be deceived
Chelsea is currently playing without a natural DM. So it'll make sense for him to come through
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