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Haha that's what I thought. You couldn't even give a single example of what you are accusing me of. I have no problem with Conte whatsoever. You say I always t...
2 hours ago
You've resorted to lying now? Very petty I must say. Please give me 1 example of when I made excuses for Mou. Please Do! I have called Mou childish and bitter....
3 hours ago
Dude what has this got to do with Mou? Is Conte sending the text message and Costa's reaction to it not directly related? Where did I defend costa? I 100% ag...
Every move can be defended and excused if you want to but that's not the argument here. He wanted Costa gone for his behavior - I 100% support that decision bu...
4 hours ago
Yes I agree with the decision but text was a bad move. no excuses
6 hours ago
House Targaryen(ManUtd): Once a great force, bought down for few years. Hint of a come back but its a s**t world. So could fail miserably despite spending 500 m...
Matic asked to leave when Conte came in, Costa asked to leave when Conte came in but he talked them all into staying.. Now they will all be leaving. I think ...
2 days ago
No one is saying he cant come good. Wht I dont get is how people think he'll just walk in and put Pedro and Moses on the bench. That's not gonna happen
5 days ago
No way Danilo plays over moses
Pedro B. Traore/Batsman Hazard Kennedy/Alonso Cesc Kante/Bakayoko Moses Cahill Ake/Luiz Azpi T-Bo S...
1 week ago
Rumors are that Bakayoko might be out injured for 2 months. Meaning even if signed, we will be missing him and Hazard for at least 2 months
High expectations huh? I like it!
Fans have no hand in the market..what a player is bought for or how much he is sold for. All we can do is support the players and hope they do well. these back...
Yes we can negotiate---but it really helps if the player is down for the move--The club president said so himself
We've come a long way as a club. good stuff
No way!
Why would I want to win united fans over? This is about being objective and Lukaku when asked why he choice United over Chelsea, said it was because he couldn't...
Quite the opposite. Chelsea has nothing to gain by leaking the news. Monaco however does but I just feel it's media grasping at straws here
Just as Memphis Depay signed for United over Liverpool; Just as Kante signed for Chelsea over United and many others before that, Lukaku signed for United over ...
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