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We played well. we were wasteful as we only managed 1 goal on our own so we def still have goal scoring issues but it was decent performance away from home
3 days ago
Do people still believe we have a lack of quality or targets problem ?
1 week ago
Goodluck tryna convince people when we all know it's the board's fault or better yet, as long as Conte takes responsibility then it's all good
Yep. and even let go of some dead weight like salah , Tony and Emerson
Bazinga, Im sorry bro--you still dont understand my post. You are defending what I'm not attacking. Sorry I couldnt help. Cheers!
I agree. Players like Kennedy, Ampadu, RLC are not as bad.We could develop them into something. I know the board would have o be patient if they want a long te...
^^ This is not an attack on Conte so you can calm down bro. This is just to discuss what i feel could be the problem. I dont care if Conte takes the blame or ...
For the lack of targets arguers, We spent way more than Spurs over the last 2 seasons Conte has been here. We are within context of what Liverpool and United...
Lol more excuses please
2 weeks ago
Clearly it's the board's fault. If only we got our targets, we could have won at home against a westham team who's first XI cost less than Morata. Sigh!
Yep..been doing that for a while now
We'll just have to agree to disagree. We have enough talent to beat the wartfords of this world. If you want to hide behind excuses and blame the board, that's ...
^^ So in your opinion, we are under performing (losing to wartford , palace etc) because we dont have world class players?
I just dont know why some on here feel Conte has no fault in our under-performance. You can't keep blaming the board when we are losing games to mediocre sides
I'll be so pissed if we go in for him. Enough with these defensive coaches already sigh!
1 Question - Does this Liverpool team have better players than us on paper?
Very sad news brothers. Very sad.. but yeah he did live his dream out
No way we are finishing top 4. I just dont see it. Had we at least tied that game, then yes.
The thing with Mou is, 1, He is the most talked about manager in the world. He used to draw too much attention to himself and now everything he does or says is...
3 weeks ago
What has being objective got to do with someone else? This only shows that you dont understand what it means to be objective in the first place
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