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Recent Activity Your welcome. More spelling mistakes here than there are Sterling offspring
1 year ago
God is teja annoying.. Nothing worse than a troll, just pissing everyone off. Blackana, @nandotorres didn't really say anything and your getting at him ffs.. He...
I want to ride my bike.. Peep peep
Just cringing at Toby's 'defense', just keep diggin mate XD First of all downplaying his success at United because of refereeing decisions is one of the most ri...
"not yet, that's something the club is looking into".. Wow you sound like a spokesperson for the club
People like you guys just provoke the LFC haters and make us all seem delusional. Sir Alex is one of the best managers of all time, just look at the prolonged s...
Tighter than ours thoiugh
So they've had 35...
Don't use fabregas as an example then, doesn't fit
Part of the reason I don't frequent this forum anymore is shite like that
Assaidi looks like such a steal, defiantly underestimated due to his price tag
Hope we can hang on to Yesil.. It's up to him if they make an offer though
Yesil looks quality
Assaidi was careless with one or two short passes, he's certainly capable of playing short passes though, nothing to do with ability
Haha f**k Off Moron, you don't need to say what I have to do :) PS I always thought and still think Jonjo's tackles are reckless.
Suso instead of Hendo for me.. Play him behind the forwards, then hendo and Sahin w/ hendo given a try for DM.
"about time, always though shelveys tackles were reckless".. Then you go on to back him, f**k off we don't need fickle fans like you
This is off twitter so please wait for conformation, when it turns out to be true (which it will because it's us) il join you off that building
I think we all know you had the majority of ref decisions today.. *ahem*.. It's typical tbh and for all those saying "oh but you haven't watched all united game...
Early reports are that Agger might be out for the season.. I might cry.. This couldn't have gone worse
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