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Definitely want the Canucks to win it... finally... but gotta support the home team too.
6 years ago
I think they'll do well but not good enough to get the prize.
Republic of Ireland I think. Nice Jets logo by the way, too bad it's the Canucks year ;)
I want to see what they do in the summer transfer window but your formation looks pretty good
7 years ago
Arsenal are similar to the NHL team, the Vancouver Canucks. A very good team with good players but not good enough to win the CL or the Premier League.What they...
And that my friends is how to exit the Champions League. A convincing win over the holders. Good job Bremen. Rafa should've been sacked a while ago.
Way to go boyos, let's stay in Europe next season! Van der Vaart and Bale are class.
Scunthorpe is my kind of team. Small towny stadium, good fans and of course a billboard that says BARGAIN BOOZE.
Unbelievable. Huge congratulations to Northampton Town for beating Liverpool. But where did it go wrong for the Reds? Everywhere? Probably. I don't understand ...
Zzzzzzz.....Whoa was there an exciting game on?I got bored watching all the fouls.I don't understand people who say Spain play beautiful football. Maybe becuase...
When will Capello learn that when it comes to international duty Defoe and Crouch are the best? Forget Heskey and Rooney. Tottenham has such class players like ...
Stevie G is a god. Is it just me or is the Hungarian keeper look like he's wearing sweat pants?
Let's see France swept up in controversy and who did Mr.Platini play for? Oh ya, France. Introduce some TV replays for fucks sake. Goddamn French. Ireland sho...
Somewhere on FootyTube
MY LINEUP(no particular formation): GOALKEEPER: Iker Casillas(SPA), alhough Mark PAston(NZL) helped his team alot and remained the only undefeated team in the ...
I'm tired of people saying Spain play beautiful football. I'll admit sometimes they put on a brilliant show, but I for one don't want to watch pass after pass a...
It'll be sad seeing Lamps,Stevie G, JT and the likes hanging up their international boots. Hopefully we'll get some new blood fuelling the line-up. Will anyone ...
I'm not a big Cristiano Ronaldo fan, but I wanted him to have a golden game againts North Korea. And lo and behold, he steps up to the plate and smashes a home-...
Peculiar. That's my opinion. Usually England's better than this. Glen Johnson, I think, is better going forward than defending. The 1st Japanese goal was nice b...
8 years ago
7-1 agaisnt Stoke and 7-2 against another team(forget who) and 82 goals between 4 strikers? THAT is impressive offense right there.I think Manchester United wil...
EVeryone is saying Inter is the best team in Italy, I agree they are a very good team but in the line-up against Chelsea and now against Barcelona there are NO ...
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