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TheSleepingLion thought the Spain v Netherlands match was awesome
4 years ago
This is f*****g hilarious, haha nice game tough
Good play from Abbiati, if only those defence can play better..
Looking at how defensive Liverpool, why Moyes didn't put more striker to help RVP ?
5 years ago
If this is La Liga, it will be 2 red cards and 1 offside goal. Sadly this is not :p
Please respect each club equally, I'll never say Dortmund is cheap that's why they are sucks. Both of them is a great team, just enjoy their match and forget ab...
This final is Outstanding! Each team respect each other. Congratulation to Bayern and Robben for fantastic moment :)
That's just lucky, Torres want pass to Oscar, but luckily Ramires act faster and make a goal
Looks like Barca gave up already.. there is no point for Messi to play, they will lose anyway. Furthermore at the second match, after the first goal from Bayern...
Man of the Match --> Sagna!
Dear Liverpool Fans : Too much depend on Suarez is not good, try to believe your team
1 lucky goal from real.. As a gift from Dortmund
Amazing player, Amazing teamwork, Amazing result
If there is no Suarez in Liverpool and no Bale in Tottenham, maybe this match will be ended by 0-0
What happen with Cazorla expression? Maybe he is wondering "I wish I played on the other side"
Wow this match was just like a warming up before their real match in Final Liga Champion 2013 :)
Without Buffon Italy cannot win
Granada win against Real Madrid even with "0" on target? Wow that's hilarious
Wow, feel bad for Aston Villa.. in overall I can't deny that City is outclass Villa, but isn't 5-0 a bit too much.
I think Ferguson should concern about the Man Utd Defense. Yeah it is right that Man Utd Attacking capability is one of the best, but in some occasion I saw for...
Wow, Arsenal Rules ! I like the fifth goal more than others
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