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Will the real messi please stand up on tuesday night when beyern munich come to the barcelona, if ever barca needed him..... that will be the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isnt ronaldo right footed? he seems to score more this season with his left. all round ability one of the best
Sanchez is playing under immense pressure...look who his got to play better then to get in the team, the move was too big for him.....doesnt seem like barca pla...
Good to see villa back on form, looking very deadly. rumour is sanchez is a target for liverpool, we'l have him if barca dont, quality player who will get regul...
Barca definatly need plan B as the quality of opponents such as madrid n milan know how to defend against their style espcially when they sit back soak all the ...
As much as u like to analyse the penalty incident, it is a pen! ramos inteneded to block adriano or put him off....then retreated his leg back even thu there is...
Biggest problem is barca cant defend even thu they playing amazing attacking football and always go for the win, they must change tactically in defence as teams...
Barcelona are their own downfal,they are expected to win every game, shame they cant play for a draw as team use that tactic against them, but well done milan.....
This is going to be a record breaking season for barca n messi possibly? barca most points in la liga ever barca most wins ever barca most goals ever messi mo...
You can see the love ronaldo has for united, bet he misses that
Just like the T100, he is a machine
Ronaldo will destroy united, they may have to chain him down n down him in molten lava
Ronaldos left foot is as deadly as his right, two footed and brilliant in the air.....what a player
Fair result, but barca had more clear chances and xavi missing that chance when keeper was out
Fantastic performance from barca fc, they dont rely on one individual even thu it was the messi show in this match, but take messi out... pedro, villa n sanchez...
Im i right in saying madrid need to go a different direction, they have amazing players just dont seem they play for mourinho anymore
All mourinho teams have bullish tactics, he favours physical and hard tackling over nicw football
Real sociedad, madrid and celtic are the only three teams to beat barca this footballing season and we are almost half way..... still barca are the team to beat...
All good things come to an end
Ronaldo seems to favour his left foot alot, something that has improved in his game very quickly, the guy has everything.... hats off
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