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Stop being bitter because united lost to city on monday
6 years ago
Another glory hunter, it says he's a fan of man united yet hes pretending to be a madridista....
An arsenal fan giving advice... hmm start giving barcelona advice when ur club actually wins something lol
Actually usually man united fans are glory hunters
No, it's the wallet of Abramovich.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Im pretty sure Howard Webb is man uniteds player these days....
Sirryangiggs11 yes im sure ur not surprised because ur club has experienced something similar hasnt it? 3-1, two penalties given for u. So please all man united...
Look whos talking, a man united fan, Howard webb is ur squads 12th player.
They also let players stomp on their opponents hands.
Yousifsaid please stop giving a bad name for barca fans on all videos with ur comments. u obviously dont know what ur talking about so please just dont comment ...
No, it was Messi not Ronaldo...
It was a draw...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Ooh snap, that must hurt
Stop saying, "if iker would have been in goal, he would saved blablabla3 shut the f**k up barca won 4-1 and barca has won against real madrid atleast 5 times in...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Jchdz ur an idiot, did u see coentraos dives throughout the game, not to even mention pepe coward like dive against fabregas. and lets not even mention the amou...
Im trolling P1tuf14 and torres u f*****g retard, not the EPL, learn to read before posting stupid comments.
Also coentrao did numerous dives...
Raun7 IM sick of pepe, real madrid and all of its f*****g retarded fans who consider it entertainment when a big acting pussy steps on another players fingers w...
P1tuf4 who the f**k do you think you are? ur not a true madridista or madrid 4 ever guy, because obviously it says that ur a Chelsea fan, so why dont you go bac...
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