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Brilliant article, was worried that Barca's possession style of play would skew some of the stats towards Messi, but the author took that into consideration and...
2 weeks ago
Please don't change your profile pic. Ever. Gracias.
1 month ago
Ter Stegen might get loaned out to a german team...
Montoya as been disappointing so far. Too many loose passes, he needs to step up!
There's a certain player named Cleverly that fits perfectly that bill
5 months ago
Federer vs Nadal semi-final this friday folks :)
7 months ago
Hi Apurba, Thanks for flagging that post on the Madrid forum. I didn't delete the post because Messi is not really a midget, he's just short. So calling him a ...
It is always Home vs Away in futball. So the next game is at Levante in Valencia.
At the start of the play, the way Messi got tackled, any of them would be rolling down as if someone hacked their shin with a hammer.
There's a certain guy named Deulofeu that is on loan at Everton from Barcelona. I am not too sure if you've heard of him... Presumably he is struggling because ...
This is exactly why I support Barcelona. They manage to introduce players from la masia and manage to stay at the top of club football year after year
Song is too slow and always lags behind when we get counter attacked to be an efficient B2B midfielder. He also lacks anticipation for opposition movements, pro...
I am not a fan of playing an extra CD. To play a 3-4-3, all you guys need is getting a RB that can support the attack, with Alson already dropping deep to creat...
9 months ago
I have an iphone 3gs... Don't call me a dinosaur lol. I like the smoothness and the simplicity of an iphone. However, there are some self conscious people that ...
11 months ago
I don't understand why people get offended by Mt's opinions. Let him mumble behind his computer, it only diminishes his credibility as a football connaisseur.
Wow amazing!!
So that another chance to shoot at goal gets squandered jut to be too fancy, no I think not!
^ and shove him in CB, that is quite the brain you got ;)
1 year ago
ThePandavas gave the Barcelona v Getafe video a rating of 5
ThePandavas gave the Arsenal v Stoke City video a rating of 1
ThePandavas gave the Celta de Vigo v Real Madrid video a rating of 5
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