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And they always attack. Parking the bus is not in their dictionary
5 years ago
We will do well against UTD and City; I'm more scared of mid tables or lower
Kata kuro gareu.
Today City did what manure's were doing for years and all hypocrite manures are all over it; Some of their fan here only sees when something goes against them o...
Rafa out. Mau In. Yay!
Haha la liga used to be two team league; sad its now only one team league
Football isn't a math. Period.
Why do Fergie have to talk about referee before the game?
I hope they will draw against winner of tomorrow's match.
^ lol was that kgb?
When the f**k fuck Hazard dived? Why these f*****g people are talking about his reputation? For me it was 3 penalties that's all...
Lol I didn't checked the name... someone mentioned Foy below...
Really? Rude votes for making a comment on the ARSENAL FORUM that wasn't even disrespectful? What kind of immature child are you? Take note that I'm not return...
F*****g Fucking C. Foy sucks.... What's his problem against us? Last season he was s**t in QPR game; Today we should have awarded 2 or 3 penalties.. May be fer...
I love when people underestimate us and we prove them wrong most of the time; Top of league... current European champions... ring ring...
2 cools for you mate:D good luck with chelsea this season and see you around the site
Do they have any other thing to enjoy?
Http:// LOL found that; curiosity has HD camera (even 3D) :)
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