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Not much, to be honest. Maybe just people who annoy me. Like Abramovich.
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I'm sure he's just as eager to work under the hawk-like eyes of the City's owners as he is to work under the hawk-like eyes of Abramovich...
5 years ago
Yeah, things just haven't really gone Marin's way at the moment... The fact that he found his way to Chelsea didn't help his case either! Woefully underused th...
No offense, but a highlight video can make anyone look good.
You could pretty much say the same thing about Chelsea...
I dunno, Jozy Altidore is doing amazingly in the Dutch league.
I have to say that I was initially impressed by Vertonghen, but two instances of diving or "play-acting" in this game resulting in two yellow cards for the same...
Coutinho and Sturridge saved Rodgers and Suarez... ;) I think they did the best in the January transfer window, without a doubt.
Don't forget that you bought Carroll for 35 million and thought you had a good deal. :P By the way, Moyes is near-perfect for United...
RVP moved from Arsenal after 8 years! I don't think he qualifies as an example.
I think JRadical's right. I've seen this happen with a lot of players. That being said, seeing as they just moved, I think you can hang on to Coutinho and Stur...
Sturridge was trying to prove himself at Chelsea; he would try too hard and fail, and so we would call him an average player. At Liverpool, he doesn't need to d...
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TheKeeper is watching football
That really sucks.
Apologies for the negative comments tonight gentlemen (and ladies), I've just been feeling disillusioned with Chelsea lately.
Yeah! Let's see if we can blow another chance! /sarcasm We've blown so many chances to gain points on our rivals, to be honest. I'm just hoping for a top four ...
Take away that one Aston Villa game and we're right there with the rest of the crowd. And today was not a convincing victory, don't let the scoreline fool you.
Yeah. Maybe if we let him play he'll actually prove himself.
Oscar was okay. Ramires was okay.
They can afford the fine.
Maybe if we didn't spend so much money on players, people wouldn't ask us for so much money when they sell us players.
TheKeeper gave the Swansea City v Chelsea video a rating of 3
He realized he was wasting time and apologized after the match. I think the incident is done with.
TheKeeper gave the Stoke City v Chelsea video a rating of 5
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