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Football (watching, playing, coaching), Good Music, Drums, Good Books, Mediocre books and music that just happen to hit the spot at a certain time, tea (Preferably a darker type, such as Irish or English Breakfast tea), scones, Monty Python and John Cleese's work after that, oceans and large lakes, flowering plants, . . . more football.
People named Chelsea, The English Language (except when it is properly spoken), My right knee
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There's not much too me, mate. Play football, get tired, take a break and cruise with mates or a good book, then repeat.
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Beautiful game, nice goals. Nice to see Keane in the goals.
7 years ago
Mid-table obscurity this year, promotion push again soon. Come on Bury!
Braga deserved it, but some poor keeping on both ends. Palop is usually better than that, though.
NQF was by far the better side. MV got lucky with the penalties coming for them.
Not a bad start to the season!
Haven't seen you in forever. What you been up to?
8 years ago
Hey, I just stopped by your room and no one was there. I have a mediocre CD I want to give you! I see you have a new roomate already. You get to pick or did th...
It was -4* out this morning. I am sitting in a heated house and I have two sweatshirts, a knit hat, and long socks on, and I'm still freezing. I can't wait to g...
No cause he was all filled up til then.. and yeah im cold right now and its like 70 or something. i can't imagine. but yeah i get back tomorrow so i can clean, ...
Why so long until the surgery? Is it still all swollen up or something? Only 5 days till I get back. I can't wait to get out of the snow!
Um no surgery is jan 22, so yeah im gonna miss a day of class and have the weekend to recover.
So, did they cut your knee off yet? How'd it go?
Hey lol yeah i don't think i can do the indoors but ill def come to the games! and yeah im kinda bummed about not playing for a while but its good it will let m...
Hey, Sorry about your ACL. Six months is awhile, but you'll probably be back before then. They always give a longer time than is needed at first, it seems. Sti...
Hey! so im guessing ur back in chi town? yeah i went to the doc today and its a torn ACL so that blows but whatever so im gonna see the surgeon wed, and probabl...
Dude, what's up with your knee? Let me know what's going on.
Also: Who is the young Russian that signed/is going to sign with Everton? I'm not sure what his name is, but is he any good? Figured you know. Sunday's game w...
I have no idea why people said that you are angry. Maybe you are. Vote yourself as something else. . . before I vote again. Someone voted that I'm "silly". Won...
How come my thing says im angry?
The Ireland game was won by the Irish and lost by the refs. To "not see" Henry's hand ball was criminal. France is a bigger nation and was supposed to win. The ...
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