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Thank God there's Mario RIGORELLI to take them LMAO
Berlusconi is Back to Power i See. Always the Same Story , ALways the Same Story , Every Freakin Season Milan get 15 points more than what they deserve Correc...
Looks like INTERNAZIONALE has got redimensioned to the point that the fans pray that we dont get owned by relegation threatened sides, WERE GETTING USED TO LOS...
BTW in reference with your line " besides with the players at his disposal im surprised we havent been slaughtered by other teams " i dont know if youve No...
Wrong ya Man , i bet you've noticed that even when we were complete ( the 10 consecutive wins this season ) we were Never Convincing from a Playing POV, We Bas...
Thank God i'm Not but that Doesn't mean that i cant Critiscize my team for what they've become respect to what they should be
Huh? i give him credit alright Why Build it if you're gonna destroy it ?!!!!!!!!
Ahhh how can i forget the So Called " Progetto Giovane " , where the young lads ONLY just make their debut ( surprisingly doing well ) then they get sent beyond...
If they Made a Competition on how to DESTROY a TREBLE WINNING TEAM in less than 2 years, i dont think ANYONE would've won. needless to be said : EXCEPT for th...
Look on the Bright Side Fellow Interisti THANK GOD WERE ALREADY SAFE FROM RELEGATION Grazie Presidente Grazie Branca. INCOMPETENCE at it's BEST
I Wish your Classless Curva Sud could be more like You
That's Because the Refs Can't Stop Helping Them Either !!!! Example ? without going back too much in Time last night ( 3rd goal FOUL on Papu Gomez outside Mila...
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