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The difference between english commentators and commentators from other countries is that english commentators are broadcast worldwide, while the others almost ...
5 years ago
So what needs to happen for you to acknowledge that there's a PK...the keeper chops off his head? It was such a huge foul! Keeper didn't even come close to th...
Hey good job predicting Italy would play in 10 for one half
If you picked 4-0 beforehand you have a real lack of understanding of these two teams and of this game. ...unless maybe you predicted that Italy was going to p...
Spain - played their first really good game of this tournament. Very well played. Congratulations win, but please don't think that the scoreline is reflective...
Somewhere on FootyTube
My god, you idiots have no idea what the hell you're talking about! "Li abbiamo fatti neri" is a typical expression, has nothing to do with Balotelli being bla...
Spaghetti does sound good but I am too full from the two servings of sauerkraut that I had today (one at 20' the other at 36').
Nice one by Zizou, but so close, almost overhit it! Also there's Totti in the 2000 Euro semifinal against Netherlands:
Douglie, you have no idea what you are talking about...really, no idea...that's what you are talking about. You've made it more than clear, thanks.
6 years ago
What's the point of us having a 4th spot when many teams end up snubbing it anyway (Udinese, Lazio, Roma, all guilty of this), and even more so in the EL??? Ma...
Great derby, one of the best ones in a while!
Cesar: "will you kick it out, or should I save it?" (referring to the fact that it shouldn't have been a penalty in the first place). Ibra (after scoring): "di...
If there was someone who needed this win it was Milan. For inter it was just a pride game, but Milan had all the interest to win this match. Also,"proud to see...
Mascara is so good at free kicks. He needs to stay in Serie A next year.
Pandev...che rivuole subito la palla da...da...da...da....Lavezzi...buona per Cavani, Cavaniiiii CAVANI-PALO! CLAMOROSO, ANCORA CAVAANI, PALO-GOOL! GOL DI CAVAN...
This is pretty funny. Initially they are arguing about whether Ibrahimovic is good or bad for the team dynamics, what with his ego, his statements, arrogance, e...
You don't have to go back 50 years to find a comparable team.
IRossoneri I don't think you should have said anything else. Maybe you didn't read my post. I said Muntari's goal SHOULD have been counted.
MILANISTA4EVER check the rules and regulations before talking next time. Mexes was given 3 days because that's what the regulation calls for in case of violent...
Yea dude, please don't "west" your time here anymore ever again, please, and don't west everyone else's time either.
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