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Before you judge anything abt me, I'm a United fans since 99. The year we won the treble, is the year I started to watch football. I was merely a 7 years old kid. I hate it if people assume that I'm a glory hunter just because I live outside Manchester. FFS, you support your team now because at some point in the past they attract you with their trophies too, no?
and yea, my mates always giggle and laugh at me every time I call 'soccer' a football. lol
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5 years ago
I don't usually post comments but this has made me come out to say You just made me jizzed
Http://'s-man-utd-success-down-to-money?cc=5901 I know they were a rival when he wa...
6 years ago
I see some of you taking it out on the refs, indeed he had a bad match today but as I said, we have no one else to blame but our defense. De Gea tho is massive...
We have no one but our defense to blame.
Holy mofo a penalty?
Evra and fabio should do more of what they are paid to do which is defending
Oh my lord
De Gea with another brilliant save~!
You mean 2 up? lol
Lol crouchy scored. Nothing De Gea could done in that situation
Http:// F this SOB
Pogba and Tunnicliffe are the ones im looking forward to,and Morrison if he mature and behave off the pitch. The future is red, the future is United!
True but Carrick doesn't have the pace to keep up with the likes of Torres but hey still a good idea. lol P.S. wtf youre an Indonesian, never met a fellow coun...
WTF is he really 37 years old? passing a defender like nothin.. GIGGSY!
Alrite, i have to admit. Even though, Nani's goal is good, Modric's is a beauty. Anyway, congrats on your win from Liverpool
Reality check, we need ando and/or cleverly in midfield
Sir RYAN GIGGS w0000000tttt
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