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Sad to see Inter play that bad. Wasn't really a contest but Spurs played well and looked committed, they could've realistically won 5-0 with a bit of luck. I...
5 years ago
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Because of your response about how Chelsea is everything that's wrong in modern football, I added you as a friend. Anyone who can see that is a fan of footba...
I agree, Chelsea sum up everything that is wrong with modern football. Not once have the fans come out with signs reading 'Abramovich Out'. Until that happens...
How can you not love Arsenal. Would absolutely love to see Everton and Arsenal take the CL places for next year.
We get it, the French culture has a desire for aesthetic beauty. It's fine for you guys, but I think we have a different vision up here. You would rather show...
Haha Wenger's face at 13:27. He looks pissed off that he bet on the 6-5.
Torres didn't have to dive after the contact, but he did and ended up getting sent off as a result. These players get paid such ludicrous sums of money to play...
Isaakson made 2 miracle saves and Sweden equalise with a deflected own goal and somehow England are lucky? I can understand the Swedish team trying to deflect ...
6 years ago
The plan: 1. Use the wings 2. Plenty of set pieces 3. Drogba beat Busquets for the Oscar The reality: 1. One mistake and the Messi curls it bottom corner 2. Ch...
Drogba always used to dive when he first arrived at Chelsea, then he learned. After all the BS he has put up with from Barca matches and the AVB period he look...
The team got raped, but it was nothing compared to the level the united fans got raped. If my team was lucky enough to be playing in Europe I certainly wouldn'...
I think he's just dethroned Pele
Also, no real man takes sugar in his tea.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Yeah Pepe and Busquets are two players strictly not allowed in EPL under any circumstances. Unless maybe they are there to advertise sick bags.
How can you call Italian fans arrogant??? Italy has some of the best fans in Europe. Don't be silly complaining, you'll ruin what your team have achieved tonig...
Trust me Barcelona fans think Messi is better than Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a very good player yes, but Messi is one of the best players ever to play football. Ther...
Yeah show some class Ezsmith, Parker can hang his head high after that game and you know it. Never made a malicious tackle the entire game with his side conced...
Since when has Terry been a racist? Even the thing he is accused of saying doesn't make him a racist. MOBO awards is racial discrimination, and so is calling ...
I think AVB is mentally too weak, he got annoyed at Alan Hansen for MoTD comments. If you can't handle what some pundit says good luck trying to win the Premie...
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