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Pro: chance of trophies (not guaranteed) Con: defensive insipid football
23 hours ago
The new Prem league logo looks like a lion with a down syndrome
2 days ago
Unreasonable Memphis hatred, but i bet a lot of people are missing Nani
The squad is definitely lacking in attacking dynamism...what a shame
3 days ago
Sheep insides
4 days ago
This day just keeps getting better and better
As do i
5 days ago
We're due a win against Chelsea
Memphis ought to follow CBJ's lifestyle choices lol
6 days ago
El Confidencial is WRONG
And quite possibly sleeps in the locker room at OT
I'd totally be happy with 2000 pounds a week lol
Jamie Vardy's having a parttyyy
1 week ago
Can't say i have. Link?
United - f****d
To hell with Adnan. Pereira is already miles ahead of him
She used to call me on my cellphone...
I never hated Suarez and always admired him as a player. If anything he's f*****g hilarious with his antics
- Whether life is indeed a fragile thing suspended in space-time continuum and whether we really have free will or is faith pre-determined by powers beyond our ...
Yeah i was pretty confused at first when i heard the news. Who would have thought
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