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Https:// Well he seems to be losing the away support as well, something he claims to be behind him 100%. Well, just like eve...
2 hours ago
Everton fans share their views on their legendary old manager, Moyes
3 hours ago
Hey guys i have been thinking all night and realized the best way to save ourselves from this situation. Stay positive at all times, no matter what, and if you ...
6 hours ago
If this guy is not a troll then i am Mickey Mouse
I made the mistake of reading play-by-play at work. Should have known better than to get riled up for nothing
Well as long as everyone is keeping a positive attitude..
13 hours ago
@MU4E - i thought the same thing!
Left. if i didn't, i wouldn't have said it
'Feddie' got lucky Djokovic was injured
1 day ago
Hahaha just returning the favor as that is what you refer to us on your forum thank you very much
Congrats to scouse scum for winning the epl
Hah. Im sorry if i dont see a single ray of light in the moyes tenure and the direction (or lack of) that the club is going in
2 days ago
Sorry Jason, i can't stop with the negativity when all i've been experiencing for the past 4-5 years has been a let down after another. Sure, since 2008 we've w...
Ps. Isco snubbed city for Real where he knew he wouldn't be playing much, but he still did it. You can't rely on players to be logical when given a choice betw...
Darren, just because i have given up on Moyes doesn't mean i'm a negative nancy or that i have given up on the club. Matter of fact, never have i ever been more...
Easy with the name-calling Prophet. Its all in good fun of course. I agree that its better for agents to tell us straight up to sod off rather than winding us ...
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