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^ Lol disgusting
14 hours ago
#justiceforcisse Evans 15 match ban
21 hours ago
If you bought his jersey at the beginning of the season you're out of luck. He changed his last name to Room, first name Emergency.
No. Lvg's tactics are one thing but if the players are showing no passion, no balls, no heart, then there's only so much he can do.. That being said, he really ...
1 day ago
Ok i for one think that if the 'Fellaini option' wasn't there for the manager to have, we would have been so much better off. He's f*****g shite! Yet another ...
Lol cool finish, but what a shitty goal! We'll take it tho
F*****g alien Obertan
I concur
Take it easy. This is his first game after surviving a battle with cancer. Show some respect really
Lord Evans
Lord Di Maria
Di Maria godlike
Lol Di Maria smh
We just wanna see us win a game and play decent football while we're at it. Fellaini's inclusion points to only one thing...the less said about that the better...
I can't say i knew Booba much, and those close to him will attest to the fact that he was simply a misunderstood genius. Those who only knew him for his profoun...
F**k his confidence. Make him the new water boy or sell him. He's had enough chances to impress. We're striving to have a world class squad but we tolerate Evan...
Evans again? For fucks sake...does he have to kill somebody on the pitch and go to jail before just slotting back into the starting XI? As if it wasn't enough ...
Mmm special long balls of Scholesey :)
Cringed at the mention of Fellaini. But i guess somehow he's become our hoofball hero
Saying Moyes is better or as good as LvG is like saying Cleverley > Pogba. That's the way i sees it
2 days ago
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