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Makes this trophy win pretty much meaningless doesn't it Sif?
21 hours ago
Garcias my friend, garcias very much. Yeeah Zlatan is alright i suppose..but its not like we have his image rights ;)
23 hours ago
I guess Ibra has earned his astronomical wages. But he'll have to score at least 10 more this season to offset the fact that we don't have his image rights
1 day ago
How much did you have to pay for that?
3 days ago
I'll see you guys talk next time Ibra misses a bunch of sitters or Smalling stops talking to his brain for a minute, causing us to concede a last-minute goal to...
1 week ago
Wow Leicester
They are professionals pocketing astronomical wages. It's their job. It should be the basics of their job but clearly it's an 'extra' thing that we should be wo...
Big time Charlies
Good ol' Keano. What i'd give for a player like him to play for United again
I have a rousing suspicion you were talking s**t about our beloved club at some point, but my memory is foggy. If not then here's a high five!
If you can pick it up locally for cheap, go for it but in all honesty it's not worth importing from Canada or god forbid, coming to this icy land. Also a proti...
I wouldn't either if i had access to: - cars - money - women #YOLO#twerk#swag
Hard pass.
Canadian ryes are good - I love the Crown Royal Harvest Rye - that's my staple for the old fashioneds. Going to try the Crown Royal Apple on your suggestion.
Viva Di Maria, Viva Di Maria, put him in a trance bring him back from France, Viva di Maria!! I might be mixing this up with another player...
Whoa Barca gettin' spanked!
I feel that people will pay big money for rarity. There's a market for pretty much anything out there, especially a secondary market. Most collectors are willi...
Yes, bourbon is a much much better alternative to scotch. Bulleit, Maker's Mark and Woodford reserve are my weapons of choice straight up or in an old fashioned...
Seriously?? Anybody else tired of us signing other people's rejects?
Ah the good old days when i'd destroy a bottle of single malt, and myself in the process.
2 weeks ago
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