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Count Cleverley, or TC23 as he's known to his closest of friends graced the football pitch for only a brief period of time before he decided to move on to somet...
2 days ago
Not only did he sell us RvP for peanuts, he also took Welbeck of our hands. Good guy Wenger. Seriously though...Welbeck is f*****g shit!
4 days ago
Not to trash talk or anything, but if Paulinho went for 40 mil, then i think it's safe to say that in the next transfer window the standard starting price for p...
Good for him
5 days ago
Plus he always delivers the big-game goals
6 days ago
Lord Evans y'all
Real Madrid are stacked for at least another generation. All you gotta do is watch Isco play - he is something else. Currently, Modric has developed in possib...
Barca seem to be in quite the pickle atm. Sell Paulinho. Insanity
We winning the treble this year. #yolo
City are gonna have an impenetrable defense with Lord Evans at the helm. But as they say, give me 10 good men and i'll impregnate the bitch
1 week ago
What i wanna know is why was Schneiderlin such a failure? I thought he was bought for the same reason Matic was, as they are essentially the same type of player
We haven't played this well since Fergie days...yeah it's 'only' West Ham, but this is the team that routinely gave us nightmares home and away and took more po...
Nothing less than what is deserved! Great job Martial
Martin Atkinson is a right c**t as per usual
Lucky, lucky West Ham...coulda been 6-0...but we're also playing really well
It's not an unpopular's a fact
Anybody remember Varela? Fergie's last signing? Apparently he's left the club today. Wow...
It also comes down to idiots who shell out $90 every year for updated rosters and 'features' that nobody wants. Same goes for games like Call Of Duty...these g...
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