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Matic is f*****g garbage
8 hours ago
What Suarez did was ok in my opinion. But Pepe, Neymar, even Ronaldo today shamelessly diving is what chafes my buttcheeks something fierce
2 days ago
Neymar has nice hair
4 days ago
Hang on a second...i never said i condone what he did to Salah, although if he fouled him cleanly then what's the big deal? I appreciate Ramos for being the di...
3 weeks ago
Ramos or someone like Ramos is a player that we need in our squad to turn a bunch of pussies into men. He's a Roy Keane caliber type and something this team ha...
A big congrats to Real...a big LOL at Liverpool
Why not? It's a legitimate opinion and concern and he spoke with respect so i don't see a problem with it. Also i agree...Mourinho is pooched
1 month ago
Starting with Mourinho
I had a weird dream i banged Faye Reagan last night...i say weird cuz i'm not into redheads
Absolutely not
Oh please. It's not about just good football...but about this group of players looking like a team, with balls and skill and some sort of identity and philosoph...
Mourinho is useless. He needs to go
And this is yet another proof that we're just not nearly good enough and Mourinho hasn't done anything to justify continued employment. Yes, yes there's nothin...
Wow, if not for your brilliant suggestion, i never would have thought of that myself
No, no...just 3 balls...technically two and a half cuz my right nut has a growth on it that 'looks' and 'feels' like a ball...but it's not really a ball more of...
Rileycmac is flying high off of their first champions league final in 15 years and 30 years of being absolute s**t, that instead of celebrating their success, h...
If Real win the CL, i will tattoo CR7 on my third testicle
Brought a tear to my eye...i guess i'm a softie... farewell le professeur
2 months ago
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