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Most of? Really?
2 hours ago
30 mil at the most. Besides, his 2nd full season will be the real measure of his talents
9 hours ago
Lol you are all fools. First of all i was joking. Second of all, with that being said, i am not happy with his performance. Goals and assist? None of that inte...
10 hours ago
Adm's shirt highest selling in the Premier League. Guess he isn't a complete flop after all
1 day ago
We don't need another injury prone defender. Hummels is class for sure, but at 26 years of age and no less than 30 million, is that good business? I think Rojo ...
You guys talked up the goal so much i thought it was really something else. I mean it's nice, but not what i expected
2 days ago
Lol at the mighty have fallen
3 days ago
We're winning the treble next year. Van Gaal for president
Pogba is scum
4 days ago
Hear hear.
My girlfriend was affiliated with Man City. Was.
NO please no Khedira and no more players with serious knee injury pasts
5 days ago
To have a great player like Mata on the team and not use him properly is a crime. Really, he's a much better footballer than any of our strikers so i'm with Jo...
^ You have a valid point
Matador has officially silenced the critics
Not sure how i feel about these. The away one looks dope, the home meh not so much. Looks cheap. And that Chevy logo...for fucks sake. Make it a white outline o...
6 days ago
Seems like it. I'd say yes from what has been seen so far. He's been a key player for us this season
Who gives a crap...let's move on
1 week ago
I hope we don't go for Bale. The amount of money that would take to sign him will be ridiculous and we already know what happens when you buy damaged goods from...
Almost had a panic attack when i realized that Cleverley's loan deal expires in August
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