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Mou out! Wenger in!
4 days ago
Apparently Ronaldo made some scathing comments on our win against Juve. Not sure how true it is but damnnn
1 week ago
Waiting for my preorder to arrive
3 weeks ago
He is marketable. A decent looking Spanish dude, i don't see a problem marketing his sweet beard
His plan B is to get sacked
No disguise there lol
1 month ago
I'm no fan of Pogba, but really, he is in the top 10 for sure
I agree. He is one of the top 10 players in the world for sure and the club should do everything to keep him
I don't tolerate it. I work 70+ hour weeks and refuse to watch this insipid destruction of our club during what little free time i have
He wasn't shoplifting. He left his wallet in the car and needed to go back and get it AFTER he picked up the donuts. His English at the time was poor and it lea...
When's the last time we scored from a corner? least we are consistent at something
Nothing to do with his life choices. He's a footballer and he needs to focus on performing a lot better for the club than he is currently performing. That is al...
Why should i respect him? Because god means a lot to him? Sorry but no, takes more than that to earn respect.
Oh me the b.s. Pogba and play some football instead
We don't need Wenger to come in and destroy United. The club has already been destroyed
I always keep mentioning how after Ronaldo's departure, United went into a downward spiral which was never reversed, only masked temporarily by SAF's waning inf...
That's what i'm trying to say. Woodward might be a clueless idiot but we've gotten most of the signings the managers wanted, starting with Moyes' last few month...
I'm sorry, but to say Jose's first or second season were vintage Mourinho years is naive. You can't look at improvements in the league position and 'success' i...
Mourinho is like a disease at this point. The sooner he gets cut out, the better
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