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Lol welbeck back
19 hours ago
It is but he's the future and one of the best, if not the best lb in the league
1 day ago
Smh. Shaw is way younger and his body still developing. He just needs better management.
2 days ago
^ why should have Manny won? A million shots, only a few hits. Floyd 'parked thr bus' maybe, but he landed a lot of good jabs in Manny's face and has a much bet...
Thank you Floyd
You need to check your brain Bazinga because that's simply not true. There have been times when United looked like absolute crap but other than that LvG has got...
100 buckaroos in Canada
Lol Trainwreck Vs. Bus
Are you guys able to find links?
Cancer spares no one. Rip
I think a lot of people hated Barca (not including Madrid fans for obvious reasons) because of diving antics by the likes of Busquets, Pedro, Alves, Villa, and ...
Chill guys. This means nothing
You mean more busses and bus drivers?
^ Ditto. When the likes of LvG, Mata, Herrera and Rooney dickslapped Tottenham, Liverpool and City in a row, they were praised as footballing gods...still, we n...
You're the ignorant one
Well if you recall, last 2 years under SAF were iffy at best, style wise, especially the last title-winning season. But yes, the SAF DNA that graced our team is...
@Liquidator: There was zero bus parked at the Emirates. We were simply outplayed and couldn't get in the game, but not due to parking the bus, but rather becaus...
That's a big reason i miss Nani. At least he'll try a long shot. Most of the current squad would rather lose the f*****g ball or pointlessly cross. That's a sha...
One thing that really hits the spot is the 'safe' pass and that is usually the sideways pass. At times it hearkened back to the days of Moyes and the Fulham gam...
You may as well add Mourinho. It's his pathetic tactics at Stamford Bridge that started this shitty avalanche used by Martinez and Pulis. There are so many te...
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