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Whoa these Liverpool fans (except Sergio) really have our friggin' number! We all hate Klopp the way we hated Mourinho and now we love Mourinho cuz he's our coa...
2 days ago
Oh pls KevMo, don't be so salty. I don't personally hate him or any coach (or anybody), i just found him to be have ridiculous, irritating personality and that ...
3 days ago
Klopp's a lil tantrum-throwing beyooootch
I think it was ridiculous for Mou to go into a derby with a gameplan like that. Disgraceful even
6 days ago
Two things: 1) I'm happy this pathetic excuse for a team got pummeled but that also makes me feel a) weary of how good City are b) upset that this is the team ...
Sure is. I need my dose of EPL or i start going ccrrrazzyyyy
1 week ago
Damn, outsmarted again. See this is why you're the mod and get paid the big bucks Tomi...and i'm just a simple, SJW. I deserve to be banned
I can develop a java applet that will use an algorithm that, once you activate it, {Tomikato =gender: unasumed;} can ban Jeroen (the gross offender, guilty of r...
Prick?!? Did you just assume my gender Tomi? I demand you ban us for blatant racism, you for gross misogyny. This is a dark dark day for humanity......
Let's hope he continues his hot streak
Works fine for me! Thanks for sharing...
Watching England play is the equivalent of an unsolicited rimjob
2 weeks ago
Let City do their thang and we'll do ours...personally i think we're still a long way off from where we should be. Yeah the goals are coming and we've only let ...
It's a takes max 6 weeks to fully
Man? Did you just assume his gender?
3 weeks ago
I wonder if BBC will ever do a documentary about Lukaku's childhood and RISE to fame... ;)
No, the printer was was the fax machine that f****d up
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