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I haven't watched many Liverpool games but i thought you guys were playing good football for the most part?
1 day ago
We're still fkn 6th.
I am happy for him and that he's the new record holder. However...please explain your profile pic OddSpud
F**k YOU STOKE!!!!!
I'll settle for a 1:0 or 2:0 as long as we get the 3 points
3 days ago
The record also know as eyes KevMo
A genius and football expert Liverpool fan said Ibra wasn't a 'steal' because he is on high wages and we don't have his image rights. Lol
But not Zlatan 'the flop' Ibrahimovic's image rights
Just for the record...Valencia was NOT offside when he received the ball leading up to the Ibra goal.
Stupidest thing ever. Why change a perfectly fine logo?
Yeah here and there i try to enjoy it while i still can. Thinking of proposing to my girl at some point, we're going to Venezuela for vacation in April so maybe...
4 days ago
All good my friend, life is going ok, extremely busy these days with work, girlfriend etc but otherwise ok. I see your Facebook posts from time to time, you see...
5 days ago
Sorry man! My temper got the better of me yet again. I'm doing well. Hows things with you?
You should never cut off ties with your ex. Cuz a few years down the road you can still bang her if the circumstances are right
TheCheshireCat (Manchester United) 18 hours ago I can't help but feels that you should go and suck a big fat c**k I suppose compared to past offences this is ...
As far as i'm concerned, image rights or bust. Zlatan is officially a flop without them
Par for the course, being a Liverpool employee is to be a little bitch
I think whoever comments on their fiercest rival's page, especially directly after a derby game, is a f*****g idiot. Goes for all fanbases
6 days ago
Holy f**k, the Liverpool page is a mess! lol.
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