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21 hours ago
Well they already fleeced us for ADM, won't be surprised if they do the same with Bale
2 days ago
He never seemed good
5 days ago
But what's really sad is that our attack sucks too, don't forget about our star-studded flaccid attacking quartet that didn't do jack s**t all game, with ADM pu...
They deserved to win this game more than us
Awfully doesn't even begin to describe it. Zero shots, i repeat zero shots on target or off
If the opposition were a bit more clinical, Evans would be leading our assists. That's 3 games where he gave away a pass to the opposition that should have been...
If i see Guzan catch one more dead ball like that i'll bite my nuts off
That's not the point. Rather that we should be winning this comfortably with the players we have vs 11 men let alone 10. Aaaaaand....we almost conceded
This is f*****g sad. I don't know how anybody can be satisfied with the way we've been playing and the fact that we can't dominate a 10-man Villa side.
6 days ago
Feel bad for Abgonlahor but Young could have been really badly injured
Is Herrera on the bench?
Young's contract seems to be taking a decade to expire
Banana passes
1 week ago
He shall take 3 years.
Breaking news: Phil Jones injures his yoga instructor and self, while trying to do a wind releasing pose.
So surprised a Barca fan would say that. Sure you can compare him with other players. And people do every day - to Ronaldo.
Worst Manchester derby goalkeeper is such a useless statistic i don't even know why you bother with it. Its like saying a car has bad fuel efficiency because th...
Ya well there's a difference between sensibly explaining De Gea's shortcomings and failures in his first year at United and calling him straight up 's**t' witho...
My god, what an annoying accent
TheCheshireCat gave the Manchester City v Everton video a rating of 1
2 weeks ago
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