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Are you guys serious? We have to win the PL.
10 hours ago
Idk why people are so harsh on Back-lit. I think he will turn out to he a fine player
21 hours ago
Damnnn this forum is deader than Liverpool's chances of signing Reus
Moura might not be a bad shot
Right, i keep thinking Bale is pushing on 28 for some reason. Still, would you take a risk of paying 100+ million for Bale (who hasn't been doing THAT well si...
28.5 mil wouldn't be a bad deal for Di Maria if they threw in one of Pastore, Lavezzi, Matuidi or Veratti. I think it would be almost as good as the money whic...
Sorry Prophet, you used to be the only one before you left the forum like a lil pussy lol
I would too
We shouldn't go for Bale. FFS we shouldn't be dealing with virus anymore. But on top of that he's getting old. And will cost 100 plus million. Reus would prob...
1 day ago
What else do you see, oh allknowing prophet?
No reason for us not to get Reus. Klopp has left and Borussia is in the shits atm. If not us then somebody else will rid them of their one last great asset
2 days ago
So many of you try to be witty but fail at humor.
Yes, yes he is.
Who else? Reus? Otamendi?
He's a sodding professional ffs. If he was more than just a one season wonder at Real the he shouldn't have had any problems doing well at United regardless of ...
We could go for Reus, Pastore, Lavezzi, Hamšik...Pedro is a good shout. Despite all the signings, our attack lacks the cutting edge. ADM was supposed to solve ...
Keane on ADM: “It’s not a football move,it’s a lifestyle move. It tells me the player is weak , his wife runs his life.” Gotta love Keano
Great analogy bro.
It would be stupid to accept anywhere under 50m or at least a player to go along with that.
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