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What a match, glad Barca won but feel bad for Marcelo, such a good player worked his socks off.
1 day ago
You look silly now :/
2 days ago
Willian - forever silencing his critics
But no credit to Willian for scoring a stunner?
Courtois, Lloris, Heaton. Don't be silly and think just cus De Gea is the best GK in the Premier League that he's been the best this season.
I don't hate Man Utd, it's the fans that annoy me too, cause they get too big. And MesQuUnClub, but they got outplayed the last 2 games vs Chelsea too, and are ...
3 days ago
Cahill and De Gea in TOTS is a joke. They've been good but theres been at least 3 better in their position this season, in Cahills case probably 5 at least lol
Then theres that Vidal red... and that Ronaldo offside goal... and his other offside goal... and that Casemiro not getting sent off, uhm...
5 days ago
Bayern absolutely dominated 2nd half till the red and offside goal, don't be biased lol. Refereeing decisions has nothing to do with what you're mentioning
6 days ago
Definitely a fair result lol
Really hard on you guys, you played admirably and deserved to win but the referee had other ideas. So sad for Lahm, not the right way for a legend to end his CL...
I hate how people say Barca are always favoured by the ref, when Real have been for the last two years at least. Bayern Completely robbed tonight, bullshit red ...
Wasn't his fault, it was a perfect tackle
Atletico or Juve this time surely pls
And they come pouring in when they see the facts that they can't accept and forgot about after going crazy after a 2-0 win. Let's not forget if that handball fo...
Funny how Man Utd fans are so happy Cus they've finally beaten us after like 9-10 attempts. Can't even keep track anymore. All they will talk about is 2-0, when...
1 week ago
They were with Leicester too, but we should bounce back
SoccerisFootball, true, we played like man Utd have been playing all season haha
SoccerisFootball is the most biased and deuded fan I've ever seen, get off our forums. 4-0, 1st place, enjoy 6th or 5th place along with your 1 win out of 3 aga...
And that's the kind of stuff that gets you relegated, Swansea. GREAT JOB!!
2 weeks ago
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