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Courtois made plenty decisive saves, like vs West Brom, Arsenal, Man United, and Leicester which were important at the time. The difference is he isn’t forced...
3 months ago
I love AC, but that was completely his fault. It was an awful pass.
Wait... who’s the team whos hit the post twice and the side whos barely created a chance?
Very hard to tell if he would work if we NEVER play him. He always scored when he gets minutes, you guys are seriously in denial if you think Morata and Giroud ...
You two times stated that Willian should play LWB over Moses, even though Moses is clearly playing RWB every single game for us. I already get skeptical about s...
Batshuayi still not good enough eh? 2 goals including a comeback winner vs Atalanta. :)
Batshuayi worst striker in Chelsea in years huh? Not better than Giroud huh? He just keeps scoring when he plays, the blatant hate needs to stop, when Conte is ...
I just don’t understand how Conte all of a sudden doesn’t trust Luiz anymore, a guy who was a massive reason we won the league last season? Yea he had start...
Nah I think its over, too much controversy surrounds this club unfortunately, which you never see with Liverpool Spurs etc. We don’t deserve top 4 and we will...
Then he should be sacked, if he is willing to jeopardize our chances of top 4 he doesn’t deserve to be our manager
How are we losing so many games, such an embarrassing loss, Giroud head back while you can.
You’re still watching? Lol
We won’t finish top 4, and are gonna lose Hazard. Think we are going to enter a dark period from here, Conte also probably gonna be sacked, and somewhat deser...
I don’t want to see Giroud anywhere near our starting lineup, I’d rather rely on hit and miss Morata, at least he’ll get chances even though he misses 90%...
Giroud 100 goals really? How many games has he played also? Over 250, and when he doesn’t score he’s usually useless, and Arsenal fans always complained abo...
Standards in this club have really lowered when we are excited to sign a donkey like Giroud. If you actually think he’s better than Batshuayi, you are delusio...
You guys being happy with Giroud is a great example of the boards low transfer standards of Ashley Barnes, Crouch, and Carroll getting to your head, no way shou...
4 months ago
He is so embarrassing and delusional, nothing to admire about such an immature kid
The managers role is true, but under Conte we have really hit a setback in transfer targets. Since this Marina chick wants to sign more average players, Conte h...
Not Zidane, overrated manager. Allegri possibly, or Jardim from Monaco.
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