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Has it gotten so bad that we need to play with 12 players to win?
TheBresh updated his profile
^ I don't think the number 8 is a perfect fit for anyone after Ando wore it for so long
Hi Andrew, Just to let you know your username has now been changed to 'TheBresh' as requested. Sorry for the delay in getting this done; Christmas as always is...
Hey there just wondering if anyone has gotten back to you regarding my name change. Thanks again.
Andrewlindsay gave the Manchester United v West Ham United video a rating of 1
Andrewlindsay nominated A. Young (72') for Goal of the Week
Thank you! I appreciate it a lot
Hi Andrew, Totally understandable as to why you want to change your username. I will put a request to the site owners for TheBresh and hopefully it's available...
Hey I saw you helped out another person on the United forum with switching their name, I was wondering if you could do the same for me as I do not want my perso...
This photo doesn't really flatter Phil too much eh?
Go away troll
Are you going to at least tell us the CD?! Maybe we'll berate your musical tastes ;)
I like it
I think Danny should have won it
Not quite sure how he's younger than Fabregas but I agree he would be a great signing.
Or teams like Real Madrid
5 years ago
I know there are sites dedicated to doing this because I downloaded the 3-2 derby from this season and the 2008 CL final from one of them but torrenting will pr...
Anyone here know where I can download full matches? I want to rewatch that famous 4-3 derby (the one with the Michael Owen winner). Can anybody help me out?
Somewhere on FootyTube
You don't know who Russell Brand is? Chill out.
I didn't know Piers Morgan had a footytube account!
I don't watch football for the managers to be honest… I'd rather watch the players but that's just me.
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