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4 months ago
5 months ago
Has it gotten so bad that we need to play with 12 players to win?
TheBresh updated his profile
^ I don't think the number 8 is a perfect fit for anyone after Ando wore it for so long
6 months ago
Hi Andrew, Just to let you know your username has now been changed to 'TheBresh' as requested. Sorry for the delay in getting this done; Christmas as always is...
Hey there just wondering if anyone has gotten back to you regarding my name change. Thanks again.
Andrewlindsay gave the Manchester United v West Ham United video a rating of 1
Andrewlindsay nominated A. Young (72') for Goal of the Week
Thank you! I appreciate it a lot
Hi Andrew, Totally understandable as to why you want to change your username. I will put a request to the site owners for TheBresh and hopefully it's available...
Hey I saw you helped out another person on the United forum with switching their name, I was wondering if you could do the same for me as I do not want my perso...
This photo doesn't really flatter Phil too much eh?
8 months ago
Go away troll
9 months ago
Are you going to at least tell us the CD?! Maybe we'll berate your musical tastes ;)
I like it
10 months ago
I think Danny should have won it
Not quite sure how he's younger than Fabregas but I agree he would be a great signing.
11 months ago
Or teams like Real Madrid
1 year ago
I know there are sites dedicated to doing this because I downloaded the 3-2 derby from this season and the 2008 CL final from one of them but torrenting will pr...
Anyone here know where I can download full matches? I want to rewatch that famous 4-3 derby (the one with the Michael Owen winner). Can anybody help me out?
Somewhere on FootyTube
You don't know who Russell Brand is? Chill out.
I didn't know Piers Morgan had a footytube account!
I don't watch football for the managers to be honest… I'd rather watch the players but that's just me.
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