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Porn hub next?
1 day ago
So hmm... Emirates Airline pays Arsenal more than Real Madrid. Why is that lol?
Can someone please enlighten me with this white gold dress s**t? Like I woke up and got bombarded with this stuff on my news feed.
Imagine if we were sponsored by Yakuza instead of Yokohama. How badass we would look
2 days ago
... NOT
3 days ago
Question to mod Other fans refer to Mourinho in the Premier League forum as Borinho. I'm just wondering if it's against the site's rule as it is, in my opinion...
Don't google that at work
At least he tracks back
---------Courtois---------- Azpi---Zouma----Terry---Luis ----------Ramires---------- Willian-----Cesc------Hazard --------Ivanovic-Costa------
So we sold T. Hazard for 8m euros. 1500% profit from how much we paid for him. Very f*****g impressive. Oh, did I also mention we included a buy-back option? h...
4 days ago
I CAN SWEAR?! OMG HERE GOES: F****** ****** ***** ****** ******* ****** ***** ****** ***** **** **** **** ***** **** **************** ********** ******. *Dee...
5 days ago
Then you wake up again
1 week ago
I don't see how he got a red card. His leg was nearly broken. While Barne could have been sent off, Atkinson sent Matic off for the way he reacted. That push sh...
Matic suspension will really hurt us in the next few matches I think. Sigh
Well good for him
@Gapha, can you explain for Matic case then? I'm a little confused
I don't think it's allowed. Unless they just changed the rule. While digging through the UCL site, I found this though
Unless he scored more than 25 goals a season, he will never be given a chance at Chelsea.
Racist plastic so called "Chelsea fans". We are class. These guys are not the true fans.
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TheBokiya nominated E. Hazard (34') for Goal of the Week
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