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Not the prettiest win but win nonetheless. Much needed. Also, did Alonso deliberately get a yellow card so he would miss the next cup game?
2 days ago
Top 4, beat barca, beat X in QF, beat Y in SF, beat Z in final im happy
3 days ago
Apparently Eden gave his man of the match award to Willian. #Class
5 days ago
Are you gonna have a nice dinner to celebrate, Dorru?
Obi, winter transfers are super inflated in values and given how things have been going, I wouldn't be surprised if Dortmund whip out a big dick on the table an...
6 days ago
That's almost 200m for just those two.
Conte said he had to work miracle to pull off last season lol
1 week ago
I'm missing Matic already...
At least Morata makes himself useful by linking up plays with others, Lukaku simply disappears. Both are the same in terms of wasting chances.
If you think Morata is bad, just watch Lukaku.
Ladies and gentlemen, the bus has been breached.
Saints and Everton to save the week.
I remember people were complaining that Costa shouldn't try to dribble like he was Suarez whenever we lost lol
We can lose to the shittiest team and beat the best team. That's what we do. Just watch.
It's one of those days. What a s**t show of a week it has been.
That moment when you hear old guards but your name is not there... :( Glad to have you back aaron.
You can say the same thing with Zlatan last season when he was wasting so many chances and people were praising him like crazy for carrying United at his age. E...
Head to head against Roma.
Agreed. We have to look at the positive side of things. We say that we're gonna get matched up against a tough opponent. Sure we are but like Conte said "our op...
I would just argue that finishing first gives you a marginally better chance of drawing a weaker team. VERY SLIGHT MARGIN.
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