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Pretty sure it's gonna be us against Spurs in the Semi. Edit: We got Southampton. Wow.
1 day ago
I got like 58 points from Capt Salah on fantasy
2 days ago
Kante was superb yesterday. He ran and skipped pass Barca's players so many times I thought he was Messi.
4 days ago
Also defensively Barca have been good tonight. I lost count how many blocks they made and shut us out. Positive take away is that we didn't go to camp nou and ...
5 days ago
It's Drinkwater for Hazard ;)
6 days ago
350k a week at his age means he can just chill. Probably off to China in a few seasons for better wage. What a way to retire.
So like Arsenal?
Man City only need 5 wins from 8 to beat our record. One hell of a season for them. I'm sure they're gonna the record.
1 week ago
I couldn't join the WhatsApp group with the link Bluff shared the other day saying the link doesn't match any whatsapp group. Is there another link?
At least crosses were put in
Comfortable so far. WHERE IS EVERYONE!?
Costa is gonna get Kocielny set off
Pedro messes up almost all the passes he made today
2 weeks ago
No but parking the bus is not what I had in mind.
This is actually quite painful to watch
@Obi, go to the link that KGB posted and click "subscribe"
Thanks Kgb for creating the subreddit. I use the same alias on reddit.
Should we do a quick vote to see how many are willing to join the subreddit? I don't us to create a subreddit only to see it super dead
There's a Chelsea subreddit but it's not FT. It's way more people. If we had our own subreddit, we can have the same sense of community like we have here.
Good idea. Let's have a plan B in place in case something happens to this "no-longer maintained" FT. The question will be, is it gonna be a Chelsea FT subreddit...
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TheBokiya nominated E. Hazard (34') for Goal of the Week
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