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@Chelsea61, did you mean to reply to the post above? lol
10 hours ago
I'm really confused about this post...
14 hours ago
And as a commentator
16 hours ago
Hey hey let's not jump into conclusion. He's innocent until proven guilty Btw your username fits your comment
19 hours ago
He played it quite well for a CB. Jamie Redknapp didn't like the way he played haha
21 hours ago
It wasn't on target. It would have gone wide
How about 80 points? lol
1 day ago
At the end of this season, Mo Salah completes his permanent move to Fiorentina for 22m pounds. Profit $$$
Lol bet that Champagne tasted like s**t compare to what he used to drink in France
Is there a link to this video?
Because I'm HAPPY... Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof... Because I'm HAPPY Clap along if you will have chicken for lunch (NA region)
WOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The League Cup Champions!!!
Porn hub next?
3 days ago
So hmm... Emirates Airline pays Arsenal more than Real Madrid. Why is that lol?
Can someone please enlighten me with this white gold dress s**t? Like I woke up and got bombarded with this stuff on my news feed.
Imagine if we were sponsored by Yakuza instead of Yokohama. How badass we would look
4 days ago
... NOT
5 days ago
Question to mod Other fans refer to Mourinho in the Premier League forum as Borinho. I'm just wondering if it's against the site's rule as it is, in my opinion...
Don't google that at work
At least he tracks back
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