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@Surajolks, Yeah you're right GD is the next criteria in line. I thought it would be goal scored away from home.
5 days ago
@Wojciech, shouldn't head-to-head be considered first? We'd be first by head-to-head
Go back in time and kidnap the young Maradona, Pele and Romario.
Well I would say that if Porto won today, it could have been nicer for us so we can relax with the last game. Though it's not that bad right now either since th...
6 days ago
We only need a draw in the last game to top the group.
Not really great. Cause if Dynamo win the last game and we draw, then all three have the same points.
Wow just wow Willian. Take a bow
Hmm is it just me or are there weird characters, Chinese and Korean characters in the "In the Stands" section just under the forum?
LOL there's not a day goes by where I don't look at the table. You're welcome
1 week ago
Ok let's not get ahead of ourselves. We're still at 15th
So is EA gonna increase Willian FK stats for FIFA 17?
3 weeks ago
@Spidermax, yes I'm aware that I'm probably well off than millions of people I'm sharing the globe with. If you think about my statement again " ..... nothing ...
It's been a while since I voiced any opinion here. It's been a horrific few months for us Chelsea fans and the club. The hate, the mockery, the misery fell upon...
4 weeks ago
I think in our case we should just assume before every game that we won't be lucky and all odds are against us kind of mentality. Then we would just go in and t...
1 month ago
So I read on Facebook that there are article if Mourinho loses against Liverpool, he'll be sacked... I really don't want that to happen.
Netflix and chill?
Having Mourinho sacked right now is the worst thing that could happen. Yes, that's worse than our current form.
So unlucky today
LOL the irony about inconsistency regarding long post is real here
Bruh we play on Saturday. I don't want a win on Sunday.
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