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So Cech and JT is out for the rest of the season. Lampard will miss the next leg as well. Who's gonna captain then? Luiz?
59 minutes ago
La Liga: You can play on Friday if you want or you don't have to play at all if you want. We're trying our best to help you in Europe. R. Madrid: Ok, thanks! We...
11 hours ago
So Cech is out for the rest of the season. Recall Courtois now!
18 hours ago
Everytime I see an allcap sentence, I imagine a 10 year old troll kid sitting in front of a computer.
19 hours ago
It's his mind game.he's gonna go with 50 with 0 goals rate then the keepers will underestimate his freekick and don't even move. By then, he'll just pass the ba...
Great! Who's gonna play DM next game?
20 hours ago
Can Courtois switches shirt and come on for us?
21 hours ago
But... but... he's the chosen one! Please don't leave Moyes.
2 days ago
That's what our players can't do atm. Can't "cross the ball in the box" and can't "get to it". But I agree. I want to see PVA back rather than splashing 20m o...
Yes they're better than this guy. Everyone is better than this guy.
Https:// I'm sharing this here to show how disgusting this particular Liverpool fan is. He can go to hell.
Wtf ramires? why did you do that?
3 days ago
"Henderson missing might be key" Never thought I would hear such thing.
6 days ago
I'd say have Ivanovic wearing a shirt that says "BITE ME" and get Suarez sent off. Things will be easier.
Had a dream that we lost 3-2 at Anfield. But reality is always the opposite of dreams. So I'm hopping for a 3-2 win.
*3 points and a semi final
1 week ago
We didn't spoil anything...
I drink coffee
Don't feel bad. We did the same to Spurs for Willian.
At last! A royal wedding with a happy ending!
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