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Should have included a clause with Lukaku like 'Would sell an English player that Chelsea wants to buy for a maximum fee of 10m pounds'
10 hours ago
Uncheck 'Automatically play news videos'
Hi bic boi
21 hours ago
No it's not canceled. The game against Fiorentina is in London.
Someone needs to rush Rafa to the burnt ward.
@Gohonaf, he was but he was invisible!
*invisible ;)
Ok conclusion. Preseason is actually for us to prepare for Champions League penalty shoot outs.
Sounds more and more like sarcasm haha love it
Unintentional assist lol
Cahill bleed for that. Wow bravery
Costa finishing is a bit worrying but I'm sure he'll be fine once the season starts
I am a simple man. I see boobs, I press like.
2 days ago
Neuer who? lol
4 days ago
Classic Mourinho. He's not gonna say he needs players to have other team quote us ridiculous prices.
6 days ago
Hurts to lose but glad to lose and see the problems in the preseason. This is what preseason is for.
1 week ago
And we're 2-1 down
I got my white ps4 destiny bundle. LOVE IT. Though Destiny is destiny...
2 weeks ago
Man I wish Thibaut would take number 1. Guess that number 13 has sentimental value since he's been wearing it since At. Madrid.
And QPR will get almost 10m pounds from that sale lol
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