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And Italy cruises through to the knock out stage.
1 week ago
Conte was spot on and to be honest quite ballsy with his high line but Belgium never really punished the high line. Fellaini in the number 10 role was very weir...
They always find a way to f**k things up.
What? Quaresma played with us once already. Why would we bring him back?
2 weeks ago
Reminds me of when we beat Benfica in the Europa League and one guy cried his heart out.
3 weeks ago
Agreed with REDZONE. With Conte I expected a solid back line 1 or 2-0 victory at best. Probably something with 3 CBS like he had back at Juve. I can see us play...
And also league performance in the past 10 years.
Watching Mourinho's interview with MUTV really hurts me emotionally.
4 weeks ago
Apparently we own 'Jose Mourinho' name and signature as a trademark... Did not know that.
1 month ago
I'm done seeing our players playing for rivals.
@kayslay, the more reason it hurts.
Mourinho to Mata: Did you miss me?
Http:// I like it
How about an ex that you were so in love with marrying the guy whom she was cheating on you with? True story.
He or his father or his agent moans even when he's a regular starter, just like at Everton because he wants to play for a bigger club. 2 years later, he's gon...
Until he moans when he's not selected.
Really annoyed with this Lukaku re-signing rumour. Just hope it's not true.
We paid 40m to Adidas for the compensation to end the contract early. So with this Nike deal, we're the second most expensive kit deal behind United in Europe u...
We're close to signing a £60m-per-year deal with Nike for 10 years.
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