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I pretty much said the same thing and got mullered for it. Fair play Soccerfaithful - glad we're on the same page.
No problem mate!
France had more chances and should have had a penalty. I was actually wanting Ukraine to win though, so I'm not complaining. I honestly feel Ukraine were the di...
Sounds a lot like the death note soundtrack to me.
France probably deserved a draw, and Ukraine played quite dirtily, but even so - I'm always happy to see France lose. Especially if it means they won't be at th...
From a neutral perspective...never a penalty in a million years. Ramires was looking for it and went down on purpose under no contact from the defender. If anyt...
Thierry Henry is still absolutely class. Great goal from the lad, and also his touch to beat the man on their last goal...sensational.
TheBicyKing nominated T. Henry (24') for Goal of the Week
Great advantage played by the ref for Van Persie's goal.
He actually is literally just a horse. That face man.
That second goal was unreal. Ribery provided assist after assist AND Benzema scored (from six yards). Pretty much a perfect game for the French, to be fair to t...
No, not trolling at all. Liverpool are a joke because every season they pile on the expectations telling everyone that THIS is the season where they finally com...
What resolution is this? It's like playing PES 5 on the ps2.
I would also like to add, from the perspective of a supporter who has no real interest and bias towards any of the big teams, that Liverpool are an absolute jok...
Get in there.
Every Brazilian player absolutely smashing out the national anthem. Love it.
Lol, no dude. pretty much any professional striker could have finished that. don't get me wrong though, it was decent finish. just not exceptional.
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