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Justice, Gotham City, Selina Kyle (Purr), Christopher Nolan.
Penguin, Joker, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Harvey Dent.
Batman: Then why do you want to kill me?
The Joker: [giggling] I don't, I don't want to kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No, no, NO! No. You... you... complete me.
Batman: You're garbage who kills for money.
The Joker: Don't talk like one of them. You're not! Even if you'd like to be. To them, you're just a freak, like me! They need you right now, but when they don't, they'll cast you out, like a leper! You see, their morals, their code, it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these... these civilized people, they'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve.
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2 for one would be better of course. But I doubt United will sell for that cheap.
I agree. .Eriksen, the player who normally played the best football (outfielder) during our games from last season was way below par today. It got irritating wh...
4 days ago
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Https:// LeDerp please?
Thank you Sir Derpington.
Holtby and Davies should have started.
I didn't know we were this poor in the air.
Chris Feckin Foy. We looked good in the first few minutes but declined from there on. Our passes are too obvious.
3 months ago
Crystal Palace deserves a trophy/award.
Well we won against Southampton from 0-2 down. That was pretty epic.
4 months ago
No. Just No. Europa will be an access to Champion's League and still offers decent competition.
5 months ago
What a wonderful day. Selfie anyone?
Sandro - "We spent more than two hours in a meeting amongst the players and we said what we had to say. Everyone was shouting." I wish they recorded that, real...
Here's to hoping the two Kyles play the game of their lives since our midfield will have no source of creativity whatsoever, every opportunity would prolly come...
Matthew can do no wrong this year.
Vertonghen doesn't do shameless stupid wtf dive, we don't go through. Vertonghen did it, we went through. As much as I love the guy, I am against diving and a...
Zilch: Alaba doesn't/didn't cost as much as the German I was referring to and their penalty kicks had different impacts on the game. Mesut's penalty would have ...
6 months ago
Whö is German and cösts 5Ö million and can't scöre fröm the penalty spöt?
Happy Valentines Folks, you wouldn't wanna miss this video:
8 months ago
9 months ago
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