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Götze hat to put one foot in plaster for a week and is then at least two weeks in rehab.
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Spain Vs. Italy
You also have to consider that if Dortmund made one goal at any time, then it's practically over for Madrid. So the match was very tight.
5 years ago
Oh my God... didn't know that Müller has such a skill! That's like Franz Beckenbauer.
7 years ago
It's because they played in teams both relied to much on their single superstar. Sure Germany also has players who stand out, but Löw worked hard for this flex...
@Marven333: Spain lost against swiss, not Germany.
Pure brilliance, pure football! Argentina acted desperate and relied on individual actions of Messi. Germany didn't need it. The team worked fantastically, so t...
Great game, and I have to say: For once, the referee did a good job! Brazil is just not good enough. I was impressed how offensive they played after 2:1. Many ...
Not true. Ronaldo has 15 world cup goals, not Pele.
A good club couch isn't necessarily a good national couch, and the preparations for a tournament, where the players stay together for weeks and don't go home in...
@Jetlifari: Yeah good point. There are many good techs which are easy to use and should be tested. FIFA just ignores the evidence.
Well, I think James looked stupid at the third goal. But the first one wasn't his fault at all. Upson was by Klose, James and Upson would just have hindered eac...
@Premoli: Line technology would not interrupt the game, and there are many suggestions how to use video limitedly without interrupting the game too much. Footb...
Totally disagree. It's not 'because of' the wrong decisions of referees that football is fun, it's 'despite' the wrong decisions! Football is sport, and it's a...
That was also new to me, and as well as to the commentator from the German tv ;-)
"According to Spanish website futbolmercado.es, there has been interest shown by both Barcelona and Real Madrid for Mesut Özil" And Arsenal, and and and...
NO way! Either Bremen or Barcelona ;-)
Klose and Poldoski from the German team also had a hard time, but the couch kept believing in them, and it paid off. I don't think Rooney or the condition of t...
Totally agree. Video replay or ball chip. And for people who complain that the game would have to many interceptions: That's not the argument from fifa. Their a...
I don't know if England was really rubbish, but Germany was BRILLIANT and the way better team. German fans would agree that Lampard has an awesome shoot, and Ge...
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