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Shows (for us US fans) that Donovan is a class player IF he is supported by class teammates. Shame we don't have enough to make him shine. Good game all around...
8 years ago
Pathetic. Again. At least Song has been incredibly consistent with his work rate and defensive duties.
It really is absurd how stacked the midfield is and then how light the attacking third is. The options in midfield are endless really. I'm not sure a 4 5 1 is a...
I love Arsenal but that was a rather poor performance. Man U was just tighter overall and deserve the win completely. Dominating performance. Arsenal are missin...
Tiny highlights but I assume generally good play by Everton. Good that Donovan has started his EPL career with an early goal. I don't like seeing Steve Bruce ...
Shitty tackle by Gallas, should have been a foul and either a yellow or red, I'm not really sure. It looked like the ball was kicked as he was coming in and whe...
Spirited play by Fulham in the second half. Terrible defending in the first half. Stoke deserve their win. The only part of the team that looked shaky was the k...
Diaby keeps getting better. Song looks like he has found his place and plays confidently. No more ridiculous give aways and poor long balls. I'd just like to s...
Like was mentioned. Best season in recent memory. Upsets, tons of new mid table competitors threatening to break into the top 4. Excellent entertainment.
If Defoe doesn't go to South Africa Capello is absolutely insane. I cannot think of another English striker that can fill that role any better. Rooney has tenac...
Ivanovic has been wonderful for Chelsea as of late. Shame that is how it ended up but wow this has been by far the best prem league season in recent memory. Fan...
Does Bellamy just wear his shorts really high or are his legs disproportionately long? Also is Tony Pulis undercover when on the pitch? The glasses, hat and jac...
Shame because the movement on the attacking side for Liverpool looked swift and capable but the defense was lack luster. Props to Portsmouth. I hope Liverpool c...
Nice Fulham. Nice. Not saying Man U wasn't terribly undermanned but Fulham didn't play poorly either. Considering Man U's attacking edge I would've expected the...
I think Terry fell a bit easy in the box. Lescott isn't really at a good angle to push him down and Terry just kind of goes over. He was looking for it too hard...
It would be silly to change the rules NOW with very little time to test out any changes. Let it go. WC 2010 will be fine, afterwards FIFA can look at itself and...
The celebration reminded me of a scene from Star Trek. Wish Fulham had finished it off for a win but they couldn't find the back of the net. A draw makes sense...
Good job Chelsea. Even if I don't specifically like the team, they played well and deserve the win completely. Disappointing to be a fan of Arsenal when they ch...
To be frank Wigan looks like a team playing for a paycheck. Tottenham looks like a team playing to win.
Ah Fulham just couldn't finish it. Wish the highlights were longer for this game. On a side note how can anyone not like Roy Hodgson. "...Vewy pweased."
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