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Where y'all dudes at?, I need to get back on this fifa
1 year ago
What up bro, y'all still on that fifa pro league play?
What up bro, y'all still on that fifa pro league?
What is the code for the footytube classic battle league?
2 years ago
Fantasy prem league bro, no.2 now though lol
No 1 at what? lol
Back to no. 1 bro, come at me bro
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Taureantula Chillin' with ur moms
It's playable. 'Any' is a nightmare though, so most people just use CPU any and focus on attacking.
3 years ago
I saw your comment on the barca forum about the problems in fifa, but how is the proclubs, is it still playable? any problems, that may be the only thing i play...
Lol. I feel you bro. Im doing my masters right now as well, but it hasnt gotten too crazy yet. Its getting there though. Getting your ps4 soon?
School is kick'n my ass yo, only have limited time to get some bitches then back to work lol
Yooo bro. Where have you been?
Yeah Xbox does have some good features, but PS4 worth buying just for for clubz lol.
I'm deciding, I like the xbox, has a lot of apps i like, espngo.com, nfl.com and dem shits....But i may just stick with the ps4
Where you been man? still planning on getting ps4?
Whats poppin broseph!!
Whats poppin broseph!!!
I win ;)
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4 years ago
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