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4 years ago
Howard Kendall
They are a poor team, expect them to go down.
Collina was a cheat!!!
Why is he a hypocrite?
Sky were reporting mcarthy wasnt contingent on fellaini leaving but fernando was. We shall see.
Apparantly Fernando has taken to instagram and denied the transfer to Everton, which could scupper your efforts for Fellaini as he was apparantly our direct rep...
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I think (hope) he will run down his contract and come back to Everton.
I was saying that of that list 3 or 4 could actually be considered flops and of those you can't put the blame on Moyes, as they were affected by things out of h...
5 years ago
If that entire list was made up of terrible signings then ok, but some of them worked out really well for us (Valente, Kilbane, Johnson, Stubbs etc), and others...
And what are these bad decisions you are referring to?
@Somere You must be joking, Everton have only been able to buy players when they have sold players, and when players are not sold, players are not bought, henc...
Holloway will take care of the entertaining side haha!!
But if Martinez is appointed the manager, I will obviously boycott the games!! I kid, I kid, I will definitely support him haha!
Apparently, the list has been whittled down to three: Roberto Martinez; Vitor Pereira; and Ralf Rangnick.
A mixture of the Everton website, and other sites found through google, and wikipedia.
Dixie Dean holds the record for most league goals scored in a single season (top flight) and I think the BearWithFish post is only top flight as Dixie Deans lea...
Not a huge fan of the new badge.
You should know that Rooney has some of the worst agents as well, I wouldn't be surprised if they had something to do with this whole situation. I fount this a...
Http:// Interesting but no quotes!!
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