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TELLO8 just Watched
TELLO8 just Watched
5 years ago
Chelsea just showed us that it doesn't matter who you are playing against if you go out there and play your heart out the results will come. I wish Barca would ...
6 years ago
Did you watch the chelsea game, raul mereiles had a sweet goal. i think its between kaka and mereiles.
Typical madrid fan, either making excuses or under playing the efforts of the other team. damn why can't you just admit that CSKA squad played with heart and to...
No one thats who!!!! Valencia is boss
Yeah they do but I'm not sure what it is
Second goal was BS but United went in way to over confident specially SAF who played with a bunch of subs back up players. You get cocky ur gonna get ur ass who...
Damn Ribery knows how to dive like a boss hahaha
I think it was a straight red because of the timing it was sort of cheap to tackle there but a yellow seemed more fair
Are u stupid or do u just act like you are, Messi is number one he has been for the past two years and this could easily be his third year. And he isn't number ...
Ur an idiot who has no idea wtf he's talking about. Liverpool fans are just as bad as Man U ones. And you lost to Norwhich City. Sleep on that!!!
To those who keep saying messi hasn't prove him self against the strongest defenders, well you are wrong. Messi has played plenty of games against english teams...
Dude wtf are u talking about??? Ronaldo is a selfish greedy player, who can never be equal to Messi...
I think its because he just came back from injury, plus he is not a very good defender so I guess some work in the back might help him learn a thing or two
I don't want to sounds like a d-bag but do you really think messi would ever go to arsenal? I mean really...
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